Same mistakes

Tate is addicted. She cant stop. She needs someone o guide her. Will her life ever change? Will she has noo clue


5. the note


Tate’s pov

I woke up. My head was hurting so much. I knew I had so much to drink last night. My eyes started to open slowly. The room was huge. I looked around, but no one was there. I looked on the bed and there was a note.

“Sorry I had to leave, I have work, but last night was great! I left you some Advil on the table because you were really drunk last night. Help yourself to some food. Here is my number call me up some time. 7786772271


Wow he was nice. I laid back and tried to remember some of last night. I remembered a little. Like him being a good dawm kisser. I tried to remember more, but my stomach started to rumble. I  got up looked at the clock and it said 10. Not bad I went and took a little shower. I didn’t care I needed to use all I could and it was a hotel anyway. I came out and went to the kitchen and opened the fridge.

Heaven! There was so much food I started to eat. A lot. I watched some TV. After a while I got up and got a bag and put a little bit of food in it for me and Lauren and took the note and left. I was never going to see the dude anyway, but it was nice to have someone to call if your having a bad day for a hookup. I walked out of his room.

“Will hello there.” Someone said from behind me. I turned around to find a gorgeous muscular man standing in front of me. His blue eyes and his sexy accent shocked me. It was almost as sexy as Zayn’s.

“Hi.” I said with a whisper.

“Zayn had a pretty fun time last night.”  I started to get red.

“How do you know Zayn?” I asked confused.

“Where in the same band and his a really good friend of mine.” He replied

“His in a band? Is he the drummer he looks like one.” I asked all confused.

He seemed confused too “Ya I’m Naill and his Zayn. Were singers. Are you catching up?” He asked

“O no sorry not really a music kind of girl.” I said. He started walking and stopped right beside me.

“Well why don’t you come to our rehearsal for the concert so you could see who we are.” He said.

I was so confused and I don’t think Zayn really wants to see me because it was only a one night stand.

“I think it’s okay I better get going anyways. I will call Zayn later though and come than.” I said, but I just wanted to leave.

“Alright fine, so I’ll see you later.” He said while he went in the elevator.

“Ya!” I said as I turned and walked to the stairs I didn’t want to go in the elevator with him. It took me a while to walk to where Lauren and I always meet, but when I got there she was not there. She is always stealing stuff after her one night stands maybe she is just having fun at his place. I feel bad for the guy.

Zayn’s pov

I had to leave her because I didn’t want to miss the rehearsal today. She was great last night and I hope she didn’t mind me leaving, but I wanted to hook up with her more so I left my number. We were rehearsing when Niall came in.

“Mate you had some fun last night.” He said to me while smirking.

“What?” I didn’t know what he was talking about. Did he hear us?

“I saw the chick in the hallway and she was hot.” “I invited her to come here, but she probably had to work or something, but she said she would call you!” He said. I was happy at the last thing he said, but I also didn’t want to have a relationship with anyone yet. Thanks Niall.

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