Same mistakes

Tate is addicted. She cant stop. She needs someone o guide her. Will her life ever change? Will she has noo clue


3. The club


Finally we got to the front of the line.

“IDs please” The guard said. Lauren and I are kind of short for our age. We both handed him our IDs. He looked at them and then looked at us. His stare was really scary and I hated people staring at me because I feel like all they do is judge you.

He gave them back and we went in. The music was so loud and dark.

“DO YOU WANT TO GO GET A DRINK?” Lauren yelled. I just nodded my head because the music was so loud that I didn't want to scream.

“TWO SHOTS OF VODKA PLEASE!” Lauren yelled to the bartender. She gave him the money.

“TO MY BEST FRIEND, HOPE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING BIRTHDAY BITCH!” She screamed as she drank. I took the shot too. It was kind of the first drink I’ve had since like a month. We sat at the bar just scooping out some men and gossiping. Then we went on the dance floor. Lauren instantly got a man that started grinding her and I went and sat by the bar.

“Can I grab you a drink gorgeous?” A blond gentleman asked me from the chair beside me. I knew I was going to get lucky tonight. Well I defiantly wanted too.

“For sure.”

“What would you like?”

“I will have a sex on the beach please.” He got us our drinks.

“I’m Danny by the way.” He yelled over the music.

“I’m Tate.” I put my hand out and he shook it. We had a pretty good conversation and he was super nice. We had a little bit too much to drink because we were both way to drunk. We started dancing on the floor and then he smacked me against a wall and started making out with me. He was not good at making out at all. It was really gross so after a while he started getting touchier and I just wanted to find someone else. I tried to get away, but he grabbed me and smacked me back on the wall.

“Ouch!” I yelled. He was so aggressive I just wanted him off me. The next thing I saw was a really buff guy came and smacked him right to the ground. I just started backing away. Then the guards came and got Danny out and the other guy as well. I was really shocked. I tried to find Lauren, but she wasn't anywhere. Probably went home with that dude.

I started to get out of the club to enjoy a cigarette and try to calm down. I saw the buff guy that helped me out and I went up to him.

“Thank you for doing that back there.” I said.

“O it’s no problem. I just don’t like to see guys being assholes to girls all the time.” He said. I took out my cigarettes and offered him one, but he said no and left when his girlfriend came out of the club.

I started smoking and I started to get relaxed. Plus the smoking gets my hunger away and we didn’t really have dinner just some candy and a mini cake.

“Hey can I have a cigarette please?” I turned around to see a tall guy with black hair and the most beautiful brown eyes ever. I was kind of stunned by how cute his eyes were and then noticed that I was just standing there and looking at him which was really creepy.

“Yeah sure.” I handed him one. He lit it up with his lighter and we just started smoking in silence.

“So why is a beautiful girl out here doing by herself out here?” He asked.

“Well I just started a fight between two guys in there and I came out to have a smoke to try to relax what about you?

“So that was all the noise. Well I just got sick of the loudness and all the girls are so wasted in there it’s nice to come out and meet one that isn't.”

“Well to be honest I kind of am drunk, but I can control myself.”

“I’m zayn by the way.”

“I’m Tate.” He started to stare at me and I was kind of confused than he threw his cigarette on the floor and said, “Would you like to go on a walk with me?”

Zayn’s pov

She was gorgeous, but she didn't look like the girls I would mostly go after, but tonight seemed different. It was weird because I don’t know if she knew who I was. It was good if she didn't really find out after all. I kind of just wanted her to get in bed with me, but first you have to play it cool.


Authors note: 

Hey guys i'm kind of new to all this I hope you guys like me chapter and please write me some comments so i can see how i'm doingThx :)







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