Same mistakes

Tate is addicted. She cant stop. She needs someone o guide her. Will her life ever change? Will she has noo clue


8. Josh

authors note:

This chapter is not that great, but hopefully the next one will be better

Tate's pov


“You guys know each other?” Zayn asked confused. I was still pretty shocked.

“Ya we go way back.” Josh said. I never wanted to see Josh again because I kind of just disappeared after we graduated because he was going off to school while I just wanted to stay in London and start a family. I just left him because I knew that a long relationship would never last. I always thought he was too perfect for me and he would just go off to New York and find someone better and cheat on me so I just left and never answered any of his calls or text.

“Do you want to go out for dinner and catch up?” He asked. I was scared to go alone with him. I just dreaded him asking me any questions about my life. I could see that he was staring at me with a confused look. He knew me better than anyone so I was scared that he knew what I was going through.

“I would love too!” I said sarcastically back. “But tonight I came to see Zayn, but if he doesn’t mind we could go.”

“Ya it’s alright you guys go, well catch up some other time.” Josh said. He was always such a nice guy. He was my first love. I was nervous around him. He gave me a hug and left.

“So how did you like the concert?” Zayn asked awkwardly. Oh he was so cute. He was way to perfect for me.

“It was really good, I had no idea you had such an amazing voice.” I said

“O well thank you.” Zayn was cut off by Niall asking us if we wanted to dinner with all the guys. Zayn asked me and I said ya. When the boys went to get changed I went over to talk to Lauren.

“You bitch!”She whispered. She looked kind of sad.

“Im sorry it wasn’t my fault, But what did he say?”

“He didn’t even recognize me.”

“Are you joking? What a dick.”

“I know, Why did you have to say yes for the dinner? Things are getting worse by the second.”

“Well at least you didn’t run into your ex-boyfriend.” He r mouth just dropped.

“Josh?” She asked shocked.

“Ya his the drummer and he asked to go out for dinner sometime! What the hell was I thinking saying ya?” I was really stupid.

“Ready ladies?” Niall asked as he escorted us to the limo. Lauren and I were shocked, but we tried to keep it in. We stopped twice, one for Louis’ girlfriend Rylee who was absolutely gorgeous. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off her which was probably creeping her out. The second stop was for Liam’s friend Alexa. She was really friendly. She told us all about how her and Liam have been friends since she could remember. We went to Nandos because Niall wouldn’t shut up about it. We had a really good time. Rylee and Louis were so cute. It was unbearable. They left a little early because Rylee had to work early tomorrow and they lived together. The whole night I noticed how Lauren tried to ignore Harry. Zayn asked me about Josh and all I told him was that we used to go out in high school.

“Can I give you guys a ride home?” Zayn asked. I started to Panic. I almost forgot I was homeless.

“No we are good, We can walk it’s only two blocks down and we need the exercise after the dinner we just had.” I said in a panic.

“Alright will can I have your number so I can like call you sometime?” He asked while we stood outside.

“My phone is actually broken, but I got your so I’ll call you up when I get my new one.”

“Alright, don’t you forget.” He said smirking. He gave me a little peck as he got in the car. Lauren and I walked in silence for the rest of the walk. When we got to two benches. We got ready to go to bed when I started to just talk “I really just need to get my life together and get a job, and get a phone and new clothes because I really like Zayn and I don’t want him to think im just a alcoholics and I just need money.”

“Alright I’m down.” Lauren said.


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