Same mistakes

Tate is addicted. She cant stop. She needs someone o guide her. Will her life ever change? Will she has noo clue


7. concertt


Tate’s pov

In the afternoon Lauren went off for a jog while I sat on the bench. I was excited for tonight. Something about Zayn was mysterious. Which was fascinating me. He was the first guy that I actually wanted to go after. I haven’t had a boyfriend since like a year ago. His name was Josh. We dated all through high school. I actually thought he was the love of my life. We broke up after high school ended. That got me more into alcohol. He went off to Ireland and I stayed in London. I just couldn’t wait till tonight.

“BOO!” I jumped off the bench. Lauren was laughing her ass off.

“Holy shit. You idiot.” I slapped her hand.

“Will get up and go get dressed in the washroom. We got to take the bus and that takes a while.”

“Fine.” I kicked her ass and ran off giggling. I went and got into my only pair of jeans and a shirt that my dad got me on the last birthday that he was with me. It was very special to me. I got out and put my hair in a high ponytail. My hair was naturally straight. I only put some mascara on and my lip balm.

We got on the bus and it was only 6 so we were just on time. We got there at 6 30 and the concert started at 7. The line was huge. I was not expecting so many people. On everyone’s shirt it had a 1 and a D and they kept shouting out one direction so I guess that was there name. It sounded very familiar. We got in the front and Lauren gave our name and they gave us the VIP necklace.

“You guys are so lucky.” A girl said from behind.

“Ya I guess.” I said back. Then she left and we went to our seats. We were very close to the stage which was exciting. After a while there music started playing and the guys came out. Everyone started screaming. Niall was the first one to come out.

“That’s the guy in the hall, Niall.” I yelled to Lauren. She nodded and we looked back on stage. Then Zayn came out and he was so hot. Than a boy with a striped shirt and I’m guessing his name was Louis because of the girls beside us and next was a boy named Liam that came out. Then another one. Holy crap 5 attractive ass guys that’s why there were so many girls. Lauren just fell on to her seat. I sat down as well.

“What’s wrong?” I yelled.

“That’s Harry.” She said stuttering.

“The guy that you slept with?” I was so confused.


“It’s alright you don’t have to come back stage with me just enjoy the concert.” I yelled. She nodded and got up. We started dancing around. They had beautiful voices. The concert was going great until I heard Niall say “Josh with a drum solo!!” He yelled. I started staring at the drummer he looked so familiar. I kept thinking of who he was, but I just couldn’t figure out. Then they started singing a song called little things.

Zayn started singing and I just melted. He was looking around to all the girls until his eyes met mine. I started to smile because it felt like he was singing to me. When his part was done he waved and everyone started to scream, but they didn’t know who he waved to. Through the whole concert he kept eyeing me every now and then. The concert ended and everyone started to leave. Lauren was just sitting there.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come?” I asked her.

“Ya I’m sure. I’ll stay outside the door.” She said back. After 5 minutes a guard came and took me and Lauren backstage. I told him that she didn’t want to go and he stayed with her. I went in and saw the guys talking to some girls. I got to the table where they were sitting.

“Hi beautiful.” Harry said.

“Hey, Sorry I didn’t bring a camera, but can you sign my shirt?” I asked.

“For sure.” He picked up a sharpie and signed his signature on the bottom.

“Thanks.” I said while I went to Louis and then Liam. They were all so nice.

When I got to Niall he said “Oh hey Tate I remember you.” I just smiled as he signed my shirt and yelled for Zayn to come back.

“So you know who we are now.” He giggled.

“I always did I just didn’t really want to ask” I lied.

“Sure.” He started to laugh.

“Hey.” Zayn as he put a hand on Niall’s shoulder. “Where is your friend?” He asked.

“She’s outside. She didn’t want to come in.” I said.

“Are you kidding I’ll go get her.” Niall said. Before I could say no he ran out and got her.

“What’s your name beautiful?” Niall asked Lauren.

She looked terrified “Lauren” She said.

“Will come on over I’ll introduce you to the boys.” He took Lauren’s hand and took her to the guys. I felt really bad.

“So how have you been lately?” Zayn asked.

“Not bad. You never told me you had a amazing voice like that.” I said.

“Well we didn’t get that much time to talk last time.” He said smiling back.

“Good job tonight man.” I heard someone from behind Zayn say.

“Thanks Josh, come here and say hi to Tate.” He said. He started running up to us.

“Hi I’m Josh.” He said. I stood there in shock.

“Ya I know.” I said back.

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