Same mistakes

Tate is addicted. She cant stop. She needs someone o guide her. Will her life ever change? Will she has noo clue


2. Birthdayy


“Get up Tate” Lauren yelled. I was sleeping on a bench beside a dumpster we found last night. Oh how I hated mornings.

“Go away I’ll get up in 5 min” I groaned.

“Fine I will go get some breakfast for your birthday your finally 20.”She yelled as she ran away before I could get her. I almost forgot it was my birthday. It’s not that special to me anymore. I never liked birthdays that much and I didn't want Lauren to go in all that trouble and spend some of the money we had on a gift.

I started getting up and going over to my water bottle to get a drink and wake myself up. After a while Lauren came back.

“I’m so happy your 20!” she yelled as she hugged me so tight.

“Lauren I can’t breathe” I gasped. She slowly let go of me.

“We need to celebrate tonight!” She squealed.

“Lauren I hate putting you in.” Lauren cut me off. “It’s no trouble I want to go out tonight and have some fun. Wait I almost forgot something.” She got up and went over to her backpack that was on the bench that she was sleeping on. She slowly got a small gift that was wrapped in newspaper out. She handed it over to me. I just ripped the whole thing apart and it was a small box. Inside it was a little charm bracelet with different charms like the letter “L” and “T” and an Eiffel tower because I always wanted to go to Paris and lots more.

“I love it!” I said while hugging her, but this time I squeezed her as hard as I could.

“It’s nothing I wanted to get you more charms, but I still wanted some money for food and clubbing tonight!” She said.

“It’s great I can’t believe you got this for me, I will never take it off.” I said

We ate our breakfast and started walking to my favorite place, The Park. I had so many memories there with my dad and one of the only memories of my mom had been there.

We went and got bread and had it for lunch and then went and fed the rest to the ducks. Then we took a little nap because we were going to stay up all night. I got up faster than Lauren so I went on a walk and enjoyed a good cigarette.

When I went back she was there and getting my outfit planned out. I sold most of my good clothes, but I still had one good outfit. It was high wasted shorts with a very cute crop top and my favorite heels. Lauren wore a summer dress and some flats. She looked super cute. She was the one that controlled our money. She said that if I wanted a drink I would have to ask her for the money. I liked it that way because she would control my drinking.

We started heading out to a club called “Pulse”. We waited in line for about 30 minutes. As we were waiting there was a lot of screaming going on. Guards were everywhere. I got kind of scared and held on to Lauren.

“It’s going to be okay there are just some celebrities going into the club!” She whispered with an excited voice. I got calm again. That’s pretty cool I might just see some celebs.  

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