Same mistakes

Tate is addicted. She cant stop. She needs someone o guide her. Will her life ever change? Will she has noo clue


1. Me

Hi I’m Tate and this is my story,

    I live on the streets. It’s not fun, but it’s a pretty hard thing to get out of when you’re an addict. My mom (Chloe) left me and my dad when I was 5. When that happened I just didn't know what to do because she meant the world to me. I was a kid so I didn't understand that much. My dad (Charlie) was always there until last year when he died from cancer. Since then my life was never the same because he was the one I was so close to and felt safe around.

     Now I’m 19 and I had to live alone when he passed. I was so depressed I started drinking and smoking. I never got into drugs, but I was close to. I started spending all my money on alcohol and cigarettes. I got way too addicted. No one was ever there to help me or try to get me in the right path. If I could start over I would, but it’s just so hard when you have no one there beside you.

     I have been living on the streets since a couple of months ago. I couldn't pay my rent because I spent so much money on going clubbing and alcohol. It’s so sad because when I was small I would always look at the homeless and think to myself why they would ever let themselves get to where they were. Now I’m just like them and that’s not the best feeling ever. Where ever you go it not safe. You have to sleep with one eye open, or at least I do because I’m always scared. Most nights I sleep so hungry that the rumbling of my stomach keeps me up all night.

      There is only one person that I can trust. Her name is Lauren she’s like the mother that I never had even though she’s just 2 years older than me. I met her outside of a club. I was way too drunk and I was trying to walk somewhere, but this man started following me and then he caught me and started picking me up. I started yelling and Lauren heard me and came up to the man and kicked him in the crotch. Since then she is the only one that I stay with over night. She is homeless too and her story is very similar to mine so we relate really well. She tries to get me away from all the alcohol, but it’s not working that well. She always tries to give me food, but I feel so bad taking food from her. Sometimes we even rob cars to get money. I know it’s bad, but were trying to survive here. Downtown can be a very scary place, that’s why I’m happy I met Lauren. She is very pretty. She has brown eyes with black hair. I don’t know what I would do without her.  My life is never going to change; at least I don’t think it is.

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