One for all & all for one.

Five best friends are all directioners & love one member of one direction. When Meg gets five VIP tickets to one direction & they all hit if off with favourite band member will their friendship last or will jealousey take over when one of the girls cheats with another band member. Read to find out......


1. A little bit about me.

Jess's POV

Hi I'm Jess & I am 16 today. I am a total Directioner, I love them all but love Liam in particular. I live in Avalon, Sydney. I attend an all girls school in Bathurst called MacKillop College. I am a monthly boarder which means I go home in the middle week of each term & for the holidays. I have three things I absolutely love 1. ONE DIRECTION 2. My four best friends Lexie, Jezz, Liv & Meg we board at the same school & do not leave each others side and 3. Liam Payne<3. There are also two things I hate 1. DIRECTIONATORS & 2. Boarding school. My friends are all directioners to Lexie likes Niall Jezz likes Zayn Liv likes Hazz Meg loves Louis & I love Liam.
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