Jenny meadows

A little 12 year old girl named jenny was left alone
a year ago after her dear mother died leaving her alone
With her mean step father who abusses
her.Jenny can't take it any more she
plans to run away.Will these boys help her
After they found her?!?


4. She's just a little girl

HARRY'S P.O.V As the girl asked me what was my name I asked her what her name was and She said Jenny meadow is my name she told me in a soft voice. I said to her what a beautiful name you have I said she had fallen asleep I guess she was tired as we arrived At my flat I carried her to a spare room and laid her down the bed. Naill went to the kitchen And made himself a sandwich I told him it was to late to eat but, he didn't mind. I went to sleep and woke up the next day and heard noise from the kitchen I went to go check it was naill making breakfast I saw the time it was 10:00 I heard a door open it was Jenny's door she came into the kitchen asking where she was I asked her if she didn't remember about last night? She looked confused as I saw her face she had beautiful light blue eyes and light freckles On her cheeks with nice brown wavy hair she was a pretty tall skinny girl she was beautiful. She replied with a sad look on her face ooh yea you were the boy who asked me if I needed a place to stay. About that I said why aren't you at home with your parents? And why are you all hurt?!? As I saw her arm all bruised up.

JENNY'S P.O.V I didn't know what to say until he asked me again I sat on the sofa and told him about When I was little I moved from New York from England when my dad died and that my mom got married to Steve and since she died a year ago Steve has been abusing me then and I had to run Away because he was going to sell me and I was scared and I couldn't take it anymore I said and started to cry.

HARRY'S P.O.V As she was telling me her awful sad life story I felt bad as she began to cry I hugged her and asked her what was her age she said " I'm 12 years old" Even more in shock she is to young to be going threw these horrible things. I told her everything was alright I would never hurt you like that I'll treat you Like my little sis don't worry you'll be in good hands. The girl looked at me with A smile on her face I could tell she was happy to be here safe. I looked at Jenny she was Bloody stains in her shirt as I went to the room to give her bag so she can shower She went to the bathroom and began to shower.

NIALL P.O.V  When i finished cooking harry came in and saw him in a sad mood I asked him what was wrong He said "nothing it's just that girl has been threw some bad stuff." I looked concerned I asked him What kind of stuff while we were eating he told all about Jenny I felt bad for all the things she's been threw I couldn't imagine how she was feeling. I asked Harry what he was going to do with her he said " I have no idea I can't take her back there!?! She's going to die staying one more night There with Steve!" I had a idea in my mind but I didn't realize I said it out loud "you could always adopt her your old enough I guess." Harry looked at me with a huge grin on his face " Great idea Niall I will do that thanks for the idea."

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