Jenny meadows

A little 12 year old girl named jenny was left alone
a year ago after her dear mother died leaving her alone
With her mean step father who abusses
her.Jenny can't take it any more she
plans to run away.Will these boys help her
After they found her?!?


2. Missery

I woke up to the yells of Steve I think he's on his phone talking to someone. As I ignored him I went to The bathroom to shower as I came out I entered my room and locked it to change, after I finished I brushed my long Dark brown hair and all of a sudden hear banging on my door. I close my eyes as I open the door and I opened them I see Steve with a mad look on his face and pulls my hair dragging me threw the stairs and he told me that he was Going to sell me to a drug dealer so he can have enough money to buy himself a better home. I was scared and started to cry I didn't want to go with a drug dealer or stay with Steve. As Steve came he hold my face saying "Ooh sweetie don't cry I'm just going to have fun with you for a last time before Daniel comes and gets you" Steve slapped me and punched my stomach and he dragged me threw The kitchen turning the stove on he leaned me closer as the hot Metal burned me as I started to yell he got the kitchen knife a began to cut me I felt as the sharp end went in my flesh I started to cry for help and that's When he decided to stop. He left me there as I was dragging myself to my Room. I started to heal myself by patching my cut in my stomach that was red from the side that got burned. I looked threw my window and saw Steve leaving I couldn't take this anymore I got my backpack packed some clothes and put my savings In there a got the picture of my mum and dad I went downstairs I went to the backdoor and left threw a alley that was full of garbage and vines I didn't want to go threw the front door and risk Steve seeing me. As the alley ended I got on a bus I didn't really care where it was talking me Just that it gets me away from Steve.It was getting dark and I was worried about what would happen to me the bus door opened and as I got off I didn't know were I was and I started walking and it started getting late I saw a old bench and decided to sleep there wrapped around my parents picture wrapped around my arms and cried my self to sleep.

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