Jenny meadows

A little 12 year old girl named jenny was left alone
a year ago after her dear mother died leaving her alone
With her mean step father who abusses
her.Jenny can't take it any more she
plans to run away.Will these boys help her
After they found her?!?


3. Crazy night

HARRY'S P.O.V Hey!! Louis said letting me in his big awesome house We were all in summer break resting from tour which was a great success. Me and niall were in the pool while Lou, Liam and Zayn were playing poker  we were having a good time chatting about How great summer is going to be in the Beach house we rented to stay and have fun for these couple of months on break as the night past Niall asked me " Hey harry Can I stay over your flat just for these couple of weeks?" I said "sure" and It was getting Late me and Niall left and we were on our way home when I stopped at the sign and looked to my left and saw this poor little girl around 13 and saw her sleeping on a rusty old bench Niall!! I said look should we help her I asked he said why not she looks like she has no were To stay as I got off of the car and left niall inside I went up to her and saw a picture around her arms and thought to myself What could of happened to this girl I decided to wake her up as she felt me touch her she quickly got up scared.

JENNY'S P.O.V I felt a cold hand touch me I got up quick and realized it was dark and I got even more scared a guy was in front of me he had curly hair and was tall he asked me "Hey little girl do you need a place to stay." I replied " yes" but, in a shy voice he took my hand and my backpack And took me to his car he said " Don't worry I will take care if you " as I got in the car I noticed Another guy on the passenger seat I was freaked out a bit and I asked the guy who was driving his Name he said "Harry" and the guy next to him sayed "and I'm niall."

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