Jenny meadows

A little 12 year old girl named jenny was left alone
a year ago after her dear mother died leaving her alone
With her mean step father who abusses
her.Jenny can't take it any more she
plans to run away.Will these boys help her
After they found her?!?


5. all so new

JENNYS P.O.V I just got out of the shower and put on a baggy t-shirt like it fitted me like a dress and same shorts i was wearing last night and i looked at myself at the mirror still thinking of all the things happened I just couldn't believe What was happening. As I got out Harry looked happy and he introduced me To his friend Niall I shakes his hand and gave him a huge hug he was a blond Blue eyed tall boy he was cute. Harry asked me if I wanted to live here while I got everything sorted out. I said YES!! Thank you very much and gave him a big smile And a hug he looked at me with a smile. As we sat on the sofa Niall asked me if I wanted Anything to eat I said yes and took me the kitchen and asked me what I wanted I said Just a sandwich will be fine he looked at me and made me a sandwich. I was so hungry I Ate it in seconds niall was laughing he said that I eated like pig I was laughing and we all went To the living room and joined Harry as I looked at the t.v I saw harry's and niall's face With some other 3 guys It was a Pepsi commercial I was so shocked and Harry looked at me I was still shocked. Niall told Harry that Jenny still didn't know who we are!?! I was still confused I Was like OMG your on t.v!! Harry looked at me shocked he asked me if I knew One direction I was thinking and i remember that all the girls from school would talk about them all the time it was kind Of annoying I didn't really pay attention to them. As I remembered I looked at Harry face and of course how could I miss that I was that stupid. I told him that I heard of you them but I didn't have time to listen to them or talk about them in my house we only had one tv and Steve would hog it all and would never let me see tv. Harry was surprised but he didnt really make a big deal about it HARRY'S P.O.V Omg she didn't know who I was she just thought that me and Niall were normal guys. I asked her why she didn't know about us; come on 1D is the most popular band nation wide how can she not Know about us I thought she was messing around with us intil she told me that she didn't have anything to listen to our music that's why she wasn't sure who I was.

Harry's P.O.V 

Me and Niall were watching t.v when I remembered we had a meeting in 30 mins I told niall he went to his room to get ready I did the same and left jenny watching cartoons.I got finished getting ready I knocked his door but he wasn't their I went to the living room and saw him with jenny watching t.v. jenny asked me were I was going i told her we had a meeting with Simon that I was coming back later.Me and niall were running late so we left leaving jenny behind I was worried about her all alone in my flat that  when niall asked me if I was alright i just shook it off my head I told him that I was fine and made it too the building and went to the room the meeting was taking place and saw the rest of my mates and Simon talking about the tour for next year I was pretty excited, the first tour was amazing going to all this countries my favorite country is California its such a beautiful place with beaches all over and historic features.

Jenny's P.O.V

I was watching cartoons when I felt something weird in my stomach I never felt like this it was strange I just ignored it then I went to my room in sat in my bed and turn the radio on and the only song I knew was on Beyonce, Halo it was the only song I knew all the song too.I started singing I liked singing but when I used to sing in my other house Steve would get mad and slap me because he said that it reminded him of my mom so I really didn't sing anymore.I was still singing and then my stomach felt weird and I started thinking what could possibly be happening to me and then I remembered that in school they were talking about things that happens when you start to grow it was "PUBERTY." How can this be possibly happening now I didn't have anything to be prepared I can my period any times of these days I don't want harry to know that would just be weird but how i'm going to get all this stuff I need to go to the store before harry and niall come.I put muy hair in a ponytail and put my shoes on and got some of my savings and left the flat and I still  didn't know witch way to go so I went to the flat next to ours and knocked on the door and a nice lady opened she looked like she was in her mid 20's I asked her if she knew were their was a close market by the building she told me there was one right around the block I thanked her and with that i was on my way i was walking to the down the street and saw the market it was a little store I went inside and went to the section of pads and stuff like that I got four packets of ultra pads and thin pads with that I waited in line and paid and ran with two bags in my hand and ran as fast as I could make sure wasn't home yet I made it to the building I opened the flat and opened the door and nobody was here yet I closed the door and went to my room and put the bags in the bottom of my bed and my stomach was hurting more and more it was painful and I went to rest on my bed but I fell asleep I guess I was tired of running.

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