3-D Dream

Liam is a boy who gets made fun of and called many thigs like "nerd" ,"geek", "loser" and more but, liam has tryed out for the basketball this year and in the game something happened that might change his dream to reality , OR his reality to a dream, and this day has changed his life for ever.


1. there it goes again

*beep* *beep* *beep* HEY LIAM WAKE UP IT'S THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! coming mom just one sec *beeep* *beep* *beep* and how do you shut this stupid alarm thing off, oh there we go i made it stop beeping, just had to use the hard way"i said with anger" what did you do to it" said mom" well i'll just say i used the old rusty hammer i said" well mom is brakefast ready yet "i said, almost i just have to start it "mom said then starts laughing, i just don't get what is so funny that"i said, you'll get it when you are older"mom says then laughs even more,"well i need to eat because i used too much energy making the alarm stop beeping "I said," what was that"mom said,  hmmmm ammmmm I-I-I-I-I said I, got to go so school well see ya mom, "wow wow wow not so fast cuz that is not what I heard" said mom ,"well I guess you need to get your ears checked" I said then start laughing. "I just don't get what is so funny"mom said. well I guess you are not going to get it because you are not getting any younger. ANY WAY I am off to school see ya mom. bye honey.





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