It Will Be Okay (Niam Fanfic)

Liam Payne and Niall Horan have been dating for about a year now until...the crash. Liam gets badly injured and might not make it...Niall will do everything he can to keep the love of his life alive.


2. Please Stay With Me

Niall's POV

I kept crying there, holding Liam's hand. Liam just stared into my eyes. He stopped crying. "I love you," he said to me. He put his hands on my face. I leaned in and we kissed. It felt like it was the last kiss I would ever give him. "No," I said. "I can't let this happen to you." "Let what happen to me?" Liam questioned. He didn't seem scared. "Leave." I said. "I am not," "Good," I said and leaned in for another kiss. Right when our lips touched, a nurse walked in on us. Man, now they know I'm in love with a boy. "I'll give a moment," she said. "No, that's okay," I say and leave the room and go to the lobby.

"Liam can go home now, but can't walk. He will need a wheelchair, but we can't get one to you today." "Okay," I say to the lady. I walk into Liam's room. "Hi Liam..." I say and pick him up. "What are you doing?" he asked. "Taking you back home." "Um...okay," he said. He wrapped his arms around me. It felt kind of weird walking through the hospital...but I didn't care. I would anything for Liam. Anything.

I get home. Louis opened the door. "What took you so lo-... Uh... is he okay?" Louis asked. I walked right passed him and into the room we shared. I layed him in the bed that we slept in and just stared down at him. "Liam, I'm so sorry this has happened to you, it should of happened to me, not you." I say to him. "It shouldn't of happened to either of us." Liam said. I could see Louis enter the room. He knows we are he understands we are holding hands. "I'll leave you alone," Louis said and walked out of the room. "I'll be right back," I said Liam and ran out of the room.

"Louis, wait." I say and ran up to him. "Is Liam okay?" Louis asked. "No...we got in a car crash..." I said. "Oh my..." Louis puts a hand over his mouth. He started to cry. "The doctors don't know if Liam will make it or not...if he doesn't...I won't make it either..." I say. That's right, I am not living without Liam. I love him to much to let him go. "How did you get home?" he asked. "I walked. I had to carry Liam. He is actually pretty light." I said and chuckled a little. "Can you tell Zayn and Harry?" I asked Louis. "Yes," he said walking down the stairs. I went back to Liam and I's room. "Hi Niall..." Liam said. He is starting to struggle to talk.

"Liam, are okay?" I asked. "Pain." was all he said. Pain. I started to cry. I can't see Liam like this. I got in bed with him. "I'm so sorry," I said to him. I keep crying. The tears get all over the bed. "Niall, please don't cry," He said. "Look what I have done to you, Liam. I will never forgive myself." he said. "It wasn't your fault, Niall. The car smashed into you, you didn't smash into him." Liam said. It made sense, but I still could of done something...

Liam wrapped his arms around me. "Niall, I love you. I love you more then life. I can never see you sad without breaking on the inside. If you get hurt, I get hurt, if you hate your life, I hate my life. If you die, I die." he said. He loves me more than life? Why? "Why?" I ask him. "Because I do." he said. He put his lips on mine. I swear, this is the best kiss I have ever had. I wrapped my arms around his neck. I think we fell asleep that way. I loved Liam Payne, more than life.

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