It Will Be Okay (Niam Fanfic)

Liam Payne and Niall Horan have been dating for about a year now until...the crash. Liam gets badly injured and might not make it...Niall will do everything he can to keep the love of his life alive.


3. I Will Always Love You

~Niall's POV~

I woke up with Liam's head on my chest. "Liam," I said. "Wake up, love." I could see Liam's eyes flutter around. He leaned up and yawned. His hair was all knotted up, he looked so cute that way. I really did love him... "Hi Niall." Liam said to me. He slowly got out of bed. "Liam! You can't walk, remember!" I yell as he fell to the floor. "Oh, I forgot...thanks, Niall." he said and hugged me. You're welcome," I smiled. "What would you like for breakfast?" I ask Liam. "Nothing, I'm not hungry." he said. That is not a good sign. Usually he is crazy over breakfast. "Are you okay?" I asked him. He nodded. It's probably just a medication the doctors had given him... Well he said he's not hungry so I won't force him to eat. I am not hungry either...I never thought I would say that... But with Liam being in pain so much, made me so sad. "How are you feeling?" I asked him. "Pain." he said again. I started crying. "Niall, don't cry, please," Liam said patting my back. "It's all my fau-" Liam cut me off. "Niall, it is not your fault!" Liam seemed to shout. He hated to see me cry. He hated me to think it was my fault. Which it was. If I had backed my car up or forward a little, he would be fine right now. "I will always love you." Liam said to me. I expected him to kiss me. No, he just hugged me tight. The hug seemed like forever. After a while, he finally tried to pull back but I didn't let him. I wanted to stay like this forever. "Um...Niall, we have to go to the hospital now," Liam said. Shiz! "Okay, come on!" I said and ran out of the room. "Uh...I can't walk." Liam said. Right! How could I forget. "They said you're getting your wheelchair today. I don't have to carry you everywhere now. I laughed. "Aww, but I liked you carried me everywhere," Liam laughed. He had a huge ear to ear grin upon his face. I looked at his eyes. I love people with brown eyes the most. They were so beautiful. His STRAIGHT hair was in his face. You heard me, straight. He had his X-Factor hair again. He looked sixteen again, only now he is eighteen. I picked the Wolverhampton boy up and carried him downstairs.

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