It Will Be Okay (Niam Fanfic)

Liam Payne and Niall Horan have been dating for about a year now until...the crash. Liam gets badly injured and might not make it...Niall will do everything he can to keep the love of his life alive.


4. I Don't Need This

~Niall's POV~

I picked Liam up and carried him down the staircase. The boys all turned around and looked. Zayn looked like he was crying, Harry looked so depressed, I don't even know where Louis was. "I am taking Liam to the hospital to get his wheelchair," I said to them. They both nodded their heads and watched us go out the door. I could barely hear Zayn say, "If Liam doesn't make it, I won't either." I think that is what he said. It sounded like he was choking through tears. I couldn't bare to see Zayn cry, heck I couldn't bare to any of them cry. I put Liam in the car. "Um...I am scared to drive..." I admitted. "Why? We are not going to crash again." He laughed. "Can I call a cab?" I asked. "If that makes Nialler happy," Liam said. I smiled, the fact that Liam is in this condition and he only wants me to be happy. This is only one of the million reasons why I love him. I called the cab. It took about five minutes to get here. We got in, I told the guy where to go, and he drove us there. As we were driving, I grabbed Liam's hand. He didn't let go. He just looked out the window. Not smiling. I could tell he was in a lot of pain. Just his eyes told the whole entire story. "Liam," I started. "Liam, are you okay...?" I asked him. He didn't answer. He just stared out the window. I was worried about him. "Answer me," I said. He looked at me, in the eyes. Pain, he was trying to tell me. He looked back out the window. It seemed he was bipolar. He was so happy just a minute ago. Now, look at him. Pain. It was all my fault. I started to cry. "Niall, please don't cry." Liam said. The cab driver just kept his eye on the road. "But you are in pain...all because of me," I said. "Niall, how many times have I told you this? It is not your fault." Liam said. I just cried. Finally, he pulled me into a hug. Both arms wrapped around me. I hugged him back. We hugged until we got to the hospital. I gave the cab driver twenty dollars and his eyes widened. "Thank you, sorry for all the crying and stuff back there," I said. I pulled Liam out, and shut the door. I walked Liam into the hospital, and sit him down in the lobby. The tall nurse came up to us. "We have wheelchair for you," she said. "I'll give it to you when you guys leave. Now, we need to go check a couple things to see if he is good to go." she said. "Liam, come with me," she said. "I can't," he said. "Liam you have to go," I say. "No, I can't, I cant walk," Liam said. "Oh yea," I say and pick him up. He wrapped his arms around my neck. I walked behind the nurse. When we got in the cabin, I laid Liam down in the bed. I start to leave, but Liam grips my hand. "Niall, will you stay...?" he looked do helpless. "I'm scared Niall. Will I be okay?" I asked him. "Yes. Don't be scared, Liam. The're just doing a couple of tests. You'll be fine, I promise," I say. "Stay." he said gripping my hand harder. He looked like an abandoned puppy-dog. "Liam, I can't stay. I will be right in the lobby." I say. Thirty minutes pass. The tall nurse, Margaret comes out with a bad look on her face. I stare at her until she says something. "It was a really bad crash..." Margaret said. I broke down. Not Liam. No. I run into the room. Liam was bawling his eyes out. I hug him. "Niall...I don't think I will make it..." he said staring into my blue eyes. "Liam, don't talk like that. The doctors will do something," I told him. Since nobody was in the room, I gave Liam a quick kiss. Not a peck, a kiss. Hours later, we went home. I carried Liam out to the parking lot. "We took a cab here," Liam reminded me. "Oh, we'll walk home then," I said. As we got home, Liam said something and I could barely hear him. "What did you say, Liam?" I asked him. "Oh, nothing. Just praying." he said. This really broke me. I just looked into his eyes. His perfect, big brown eyes. Tears rushed down his eyes. "Niall, it's not my time to die!" Liam started to scream. "Liam, shh, you are not going to die," I kept telling him. I gripped his hand. Intertwined fingers. He seemed to be getting out of hand. "Liam, you will not die," I kept telling him. "Yes I will!" he choked through the tears. "Stop, Liam," I said, "you are going to make it." After that, I picked him up, and we walked home. Halfway through the walk, I forgot the wheelchair. I wasn't going back. I kept on walking until we got home. I laid Liam on the bed and walked out of the room. "Niall, where are you going?" he asked me. "The bathroom..." I said. I went into the bathroom and locked the door. I saw a razor...and I did it. I cut. I started cutting. I don't now why, I just did. To get all this pain away. Blood dropped on the floor. I cried. I looked at the seemed to be shaped a heart. Okay... I cleaned up all the blood and went back to Liam and I's room. Oh no, I forgot to put a bandage on the cuts. Oh no. Liam picked up my wrist, letting more tears out. He didn't say a word. He just pulled me close. I held his hand tightly. "I don't need this," was all he had said.

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