My Oath to You!

Allie meets the boys from One Direction during a photo shoot. Allie and Niall click automatically and become the best of friends. But when rumors hit on twitter and the hate starts, will it ruin their friendship? What if one of them start a relationship? Will their friendship survive it all? Read to find out.


3. Photo shoot

Allie's P.O.V

I woke to my alarm going off. Today was the day of the big photo shoot. I still didn't know who I was photographing but I was excited. I quickly got ready by putting on black skinny jeans, my union jack crop tee and boots. I brushed my teeth and grabbed my leather jacket and purse and walked out the door.

I didn't live to far away from the studio so I walked there. On the way, I passed a Starbucks, where I stopped to get tea.

I got to work early, to make sure that everything was ready for the shoot. I got my equipment out, which included my camera, the flash and the lighting. I got everything set up when I heard laughing coming from the hall. The laugh sounded familiar so I went to see who it was.

"Oh my god!" I whispered to myself. One Direction was standing at the end of the hall.

"Hey Allie, come meet our clients." said Veronica (my boss), who was speaking to them.

I walked over there with a smile on my face.

"Hi, I'm Allie." I said, extending my hand out to them.

"Hi, I'm Liam.

"I'm Louis."

"What's up? I'm Harry."

"Hey, I'm Zayn."

"My name is Niall."

They all introduced themselves. They were all more beautiful in person than on T.V. or in pictures. I have to admit, I was kinda star-struck.

"We'll be in that room whenever you boys are ready." I told them. I walked to the room where I had all the equipment set up. About a half hour later, they came in with their hair done and wearing suits. They were all very nicely dressed.

"First, I want to do individual shots. There will be two for each of you and you will get to pick each one you want published. After the individual shots, we will be doing group shots. There will be a serious one, then a funny one." I explained to them.

I took their photos, one at a time. Liam went first, then followed Louis. After Louis, Harry and Zayn went. Niall was the last one to get his individual shot. The serious group shot came after.

"Are you guys ready for the silly shot now?" I asked them with a smile on my face.

"Hell yeah!!!!" They all replied at once.

"Okay, I want you boys to do the silliest pose you can think of." I laughed.

They all just looked silly. It took me minute to take the picture because I couldn't stop laughing.

"Thank you so much. You are so much fun to photograph." I tell them all. They all came up to hug me before they had to go. We took a group photo with my phone and said our goodbyes. I was sad to see them go because they were really fun to be around and well, they are One Direction after all.

I picked up all my equipment and put it away. Before I left, I decided to post that photo on twitter.

"@Alliexoxo: Great day at work! Guess who I had the privilege to shoot today. That's right. @onedirection." And tagged the photo along with the tweet. I said my goodbyes to the crew I worked with and walked out.



Heyyy guys!! I'm sorry if this chapter is a little boring. I had to get them to meet but not to much happen just yet. Don't worry though, it's not the last of 1D. One of the boys will be in the next chapter. I have all the notes ready for it and I should be able to put it up tonight. If any of you have any questions about the story so far, please feel free to comment or you can talk to me on twitter. My twitter is @NiallerseyexX. I follow back on there to. Also, please favorite and like the story. Thanks guys, xxxx

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