My Oath to You!

Allie meets the boys from One Direction during a photo shoot. Allie and Niall click automatically and become the best of friends. But when rumors hit on twitter and the hate starts, will it ruin their friendship? What if one of them start a relationship? Will their friendship survive it all? Read to find out.


11. Death Threats.... Really?

Allie's P.O.V:

I got settled in bed and decided to go on my laptop. I know what you're thinking, bad idea. But I couldn't help it. I decided to look one more time and I couldn't believe my eyes. It had gotten worse. It wasn't just hate anymore. Some of the fans were actually posting death threats. I had decided that I was going to handle the hate, that I could just brush it off but I didn't think that I could handle death threat.

I never understood how people could tell others to go die, or to get hit by bus or even get cancer but they did. That's what was on my twitter timeline and some of it was trending as well. Some of the fans were nice and were defending me but most of them were mean. They were just plain cruel.

"@Alliexoxo is so ugly. She should go jump in front of a bus instead of hanging out with our boys."

"I hate Haylor but I rather have Taylor than @Alliexoxo with any of the boys."

"Maybe Allie will have cancer so then she won't be near the boys."

"What are they thinking? Why are they hanging out with @Alliexoxo and why is @NiallOfficial holding her hand?"

Tears were falling down my face. Like I hadn't already been through enough. Maybe they are right. Maybe I shouldn't be hanging out with the boys. It would lessen the drama. I didn't know what to do. They all thought that Niall and I were dating but we weren't. We were just friends, that's all. I closed my laptop. I couldn't take reading anymore. I couldn't stay in my flat either. I just needed to get out and get some fresh air. I needed to be by myself and I didn't want anyone to see how weak I was to those tweets. Look at Danielle and Eleanor, they just brush off the hate. Why couldn't I do that? I went to the door of my bedroom and listened to see if anyone was still awake. I could hear laughing from downstairs so I waited until everyone fell asleep before I left. I decided to write everyone a note so they wouldn't worry plus they didn't really know my flat.

'I went out for a bit. If you awake, there's food in the cupboards and in the fridge. Help yourselves. Also, don't burn my flat down please.'

I waited almost an hour before everyone finally fell asleep. It was about 3:00. I put on a jumper and my leather jacket over it. I put on my beanie and my supras, grabbed my bag, keys and phone. I quietly walked downstairs, put the note on the kitchen counter and left, locking the door behind me. I grabbed a cab and told the driver where I wanted to go. I took my phone out and put in airplane mode to make sure no one would bother me.



It's another filler type of chapter, it's important to what is going on next but not really. I don't really know. I know where my story is going and I needed this chapter but I'm not sure how I feel about it. What do you guys think? Comment and lemme know! Also favorite and like! Thank you xx

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