Hopes and Dreams of these "Little Things" 1D Fan Fic.

When two best friends move to Mullingar, Ireland, from their current Hometown, Texas. They've always deampt of meeting One Direction. Will they finally get to meet them? Will all their hopes and dreams come true? Find out in my all NEW Fan Fiction! :D


4. We finally made it! :)

Cheyenne's P.O.V

          I finally woke up at 9pm U.S time, 3am Ireland time. Th flight attendant went over the intercom and announced,

     "We're about to arrive at our destination, please have a seat and put your seatbelts back on. This could get a little bumpy!"

          OH NO! I'm scared enough as it is and they're JUST NOW telling US that it might get a "little bumpy?!" Thanks for telling passingers ahead of time! Geeze! I finally collected myself to notice that Jesa was fast asleep. Knowing that she hates it when I wake her up, (unless there is food involved,) I shook her slightly. Her eyes fluttered open,

"What the Hell?!" She exclaimed.

      "We're about to land, just to let you know. I didnt want to leave you here all alone not knowing where you are sweet-heart." I answered teasingly.

   As soon as I said that she looked out the plane window to see the beautiful scenery. Even I tried to soak it all in. I finally realised I got over m fear. Im definitely proud of my self.

Jesa's P.O.V

        I woke up to Chey shaking me. She told me that we had landed. I jumped up outta my seat, waiting to get off the plane. Finally! My butt was so sore. When we got off we grabbed out luggage and went through customs. Afterwards we went outside and Chey called a cab. When the cab arrived, a man stepped out and threw our luggage into the trunk. I grabbed a phone book that was in the floor board and called a realtor. On the other line was a woman. I asked her if she could show us a few flats. She answered with a positive yes, and gave us an address to go to, then she hung up. I told the taxi driver the address then we hopped in the cab, and drove off. We made it to the flat and it was fairly big.



Cheyenne's P.O.V

         Jesa and I climbed out of the cab and asked the driver if he could wit until we got back.

"Sure" He answered a tad bit annoyed.

We walked towads the realtor and shook her hand.

"I hope you will find what your looking for" She exclaimed.

She walked toward the door and opened it. My mouth flew open, I was so amazed.

"WOW!" Jesa exclaimed, finishing my thoughts.


Jesa's P.O.V

As the realtor opened the door, I saw Chey's jaw drop.

"WOW!" I exclaimed.

       Chey and I looked around a bit. The flat had two rooms. (One a little bit bigger than the other,) two bathrooms, and HUGE kitchen. It even had a HUGE lounge that had its own fireplace! The best part is the extra room with the indoor spa. It was amazing!

"How much would this cost to buy?" I asked quickly.

"1,500 Euuros. Which is 1,550 American dollars"

"Done!" I answered and handed her the cash.

       She handed me the keys and left out the door. Chey and I grabbed our luggage from the trunk of the cab. Chey handed the taxi driver some cash then he drove off. We had finally made it!



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