Hopes and Dreams of these "Little Things" 1D Fan Fic.

When two best friends move to Mullingar, Ireland, from their current Hometown, Texas. They've always deampt of meeting One Direction. Will they finally get to meet them? Will all their hopes and dreams come true? Find out in my all NEW Fan Fiction! :D


2. Ready, Set, Leave

Jesa's P.O.V

            *Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!* My alarm clock went off. I checked to see what time it was, only 7:45am. I laid my head down, then jumped back up remembering I had to leave for Mullingar, Ireland later today. I gathered some clothes and jumped in the shower.        

*20 mins later walked out of bathroom with clothes on and brushed teeth.*

 I pulled my IPhone off the charger and immediately texted Cheyenne.

    *A/N- I'm going to start calling Cheyenne, Chey unless something happens. Dont ask im not giving details till later. :)*

   To: Chey~ Hey girl! Get ready and start packing! Today is the BIG DAY! When you get done head down to my place. My mom is gonna drive us to the airport.

Cheyenne's P.O.V

            *Buzzz..!!* I woke to my phone buzzing, I snatched it off the charger and read the text.

   From: Jesa~ Hey girl! Get ready to start packing! Today is the BIG DAY! When you get done head down to my place. My mom is gonna drive us to the airport.

   To:Jesa~ Ok! Cant wait, soo exicted! be there in about an hour! See ya soon! :D

           I grabbed my clothes and hopped in the shower. 25 mis later i was out, dressed, hair done, teeth brushed, make-up on, and ready to start packing. I got my suitcase out and started packing. After I got done packing, I snatched my purse, keys, phone, phone charger, and grabbed some money. Walking out the door I hugged my Grandma bye, knowing it will be a while till I get to talk to her on the phone. It takes about half and hour to get to Jesa's house so I got in my car and drove off.

Jesa's P.O.V

           It was around 8:13 and I just got done putting on my make-up. I started packing my suitcase, I put some shorty-shorts, pants, tanks, t's, and shoes in there. Including some "girl necessities" but I didnt put much because I knew we were gonna go shopping sooner or later. By 9:00 I heard a knocking down stairs so I grabbed my purse, suitcase, IPhone, phone charger and all of my money from my lock-box. After all of these years working with my brother PJ and his video game buisness i saved up about 20k. As I was heading into the livingroom my family was standing there waiting to tell me bye. I gave them all a hug and I look at Cheyenne.

Me "You ready to go?"

"Ready! How about you?'' Chey asked.

Me "Of Course!" I answered.

"Stay safe now girls, call us when you land safely." My father and brother said simultaneously.

"Y'all ready to go?" Mom asked

"Yes!" I answered. Chey nodded.

   Mom grabbed her keys and helped us get our luggage into the trunk. We all got into the car and drove off.

Cheyenne's P.O.V

          By 11:00am we arrived in Houston, Texas. Jesa's mom dropped us off. We went into the airport with our luggage in hand, and had to go through security. The plane would arrive by 12 in the afternoon. It was only 11:30 after we got through security. 30 more mins left, oh my gosh what am i going to do when i get on the plane? I am absolutely terrified of heights! We got to our gate rigt in the nick of time, Jesa handed me my plane ticket and we handed it to the lady as we were boarding.

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