Hopes and Dreams of these "Little Things" 1D Fan Fic.

When two best friends move to Mullingar, Ireland, from their current Hometown, Texas. They've always deampt of meeting One Direction. Will they finally get to meet them? Will all their hopes and dreams come true? Find out in my all NEW Fan Fiction! :D


6. Nandos with a dash of Irish. :D

Jesa's P.O.V

~Skips car ride, 20 mins.~

We walked into Nandos amd sat down at a table. A few minutes later a waiter came over and explained

"Hi, I will be your waiter today" Then she handed us menu's. I ordered peri-peri chicken which came with a side of fries.. err chips. Chey did the same.

*30 mins later*

"Hey Chey, Why dont you call a cab while I pay? I offered

"Ok" She sing-songed and skipped out the door.

Hmm she's crazy, but you gotta love her. I was about to pay for the bill, when a hand popped up beside me out of nowhere handing him his black card indicating free meals. I heard his thick Irish accent, and i turned around finding Niall James Horan. Oh My Gosh! One of my dreams have came true! I must be dreaming.

"Thank you, but you didnt have to do that, I had enough money." I answered quietly.

"I know, but I havn't seen you around before. Niall answered. He even winked at me! Oh lord, Im fangirling inside.

"So did you just move here?" Niall asked.

"Yea I just moved here from Texas." I answered.

"Really now?" Niall asked, "Thats quite some ways away. What is your name love?"

"Jesa" I answered. As i got lost into those wonderful blue eyes of his.

"Nice to meet you Jesa. I'm Niall" He answered

"Nice to meet you Niall, but I have to go. My friend called a cab." I explained.


Niall's P.O.V

Wow she was so gorgeous, I caught myself staring. I popped back into reality

"Wait!" I exclaimed, "Where do you live?"

I answered "In one of the flats a little while away from here" She answered.

She turned to walk away, I grabbed her wrist and turned her around to face me.

"Wati can I ask you one more question?"

"Sure." She answered, looking at the ground, smiling. She even blushed a little. I know its crazy, but I just met her and im already falling for her.

"Can I have your number?" I asked .

"Only if I can have yours." She teased.

We swapped numbers, I gave her a quick hug and said, "See ya around!" Then she left.


Jesa's P.O.V

He gave me a hug, and his number! OH MY GOSH! Best Night of my Life! Anyways Cheyenne got the cab and was waiting on me. I couldn't stop smiling i was soo Happy!


Cheyenne's P.O.V

Jesa came into the cab smiling. It was weird.

"What are you smiling about?" I asked.

She showed me her phone and I started screaming with joy.

"Is that really h- his number?" I asked

"Mhmm." She replied. "Lets go to the grocry store. We need food back at out place."

When she said that the cab driver took off. We had a whole bunch of time to spare anyway.


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