Hopes and Dreams of these "Little Things" 1D Fan Fic.

When two best friends move to Mullingar, Ireland, from their current Hometown, Texas. They've always deampt of meeting One Direction. Will they finally get to meet them? Will all their hopes and dreams come true? Find out in my all NEW Fan Fiction! :D


3. Long Flight Ahead!

Cheyenne's P.O.V

               Jesa and I were one of the first one's on the plane, we went to the next to last seat in the very back. The flight will take approximately 9 hours and 30 mins. About an hour later i decided to take a nap, and dozed off.

Jesa's P.O.V

                   4 hours on the plane 5 more to go. I looked over to Cheyenne wanting to ask her something, but she was fast asleep. I got out my IPhone, and went on Twitter. I was reading through my newsfeed and I saw Niall's Tweet. "Im still waiting for my Princess, I hope one day I'll find her!" I logged off of twitter, and thought to myself. Will I ever get to meet Niall? I stuck my earphones in my phone and put on One Directions new album "Take Me Home" After a while, I finally dozed off. We are definately going to have a Long Flight Ahead.

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