Hopes and Dreams of these "Little Things" 1D Fan Fic.

When two best friends move to Mullingar, Ireland, from their current Hometown, Texas. They've always deampt of meeting One Direction. Will they finally get to meet them? Will all their hopes and dreams come true? Find out in my all NEW Fan Fiction! :D


1. Introduction

Jesa's P.O.V


            I just graduated from High School. My best friend Cheyenne and I have been planning to move to Ireland for years now. We've been best friends since the 2nd grade. Cheyenne is about 5'5'' tall. She has brown hair just a little bit past her shoulders. Her eyes are Hazel with little brown flecks.

             My name is Jesa. I have long straight blonde hair that stops in the middle of my back. I am 5'7'' tall. We are both fairly skinny. My eyes are so weird, around the edges they are a see green. As you get closer to the pupil it turns into a sea blue, also where the blue is it has a few brown flecks.

           *A/N- This is my first Movella so I Hope you guys like it! Leave me comments to if you like it please tell me to update. if i get like 5 people telling me to update or telling me that it is good then i'll update. #NoHatePlease. Thank you! And enjoy. :D

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