kidnapped by 1D

amber a 17 year old loves one direction and her bff gracie a 16 year old loves 1D too. they get tickets for one direction and have front row seats when harry notice amber he fall's in love with her. After the concert is over harry grabs amber and takes her to his house and told her he would never let her go. after a couple days she falls in love with him too. will love put them together?


2. was it meant to be?

amber's pov:

i woke up the next morning and got my shower and went to school i went to math still not interesting. after math ended i went to lunch gracie and me sat outside. talking about one direction!!!!! than dominic come over and sat with us "hey babe can i talk to you alone?" "shure" brb gracie" "well im leaving tomorrow with my parent's for vagas babe" "WHAT!!!! dont leave" "im sorry i will be back in four weeks" "but that's a long time" "im...." YOU SLUT WHY ARE YOU HITTING ON MY BOYFIREND!!" (dani the popular girl) " "your boyfiend" "mine" "dominic tell her who's yours" "well......" "WELL WHAT" i shouted out "dani" "WHAT" "you cheeted on me" " yes he did" he never liked you it was a big prank you little slut" " hate you and you to dominic" and you are the slut" people now you sleep with all the boy's in this school" " you bitch" she pulled out a pocket knife and cut my wrist "OW!!!" you bitch" HAHA" now leave me alone and find your nerd friend's" i went back to gracie to show her my wrist " amber are you ok" "no i need to go to the nurse" come on" we ran to the nurs she made me clean it and she wrapped it up to heal. i went home to gracie's house and sleeped over. it was a friday so i could all knight i was in pain pian pian from dominic and dani!!!!!!!!!! my hart is broken!!!!!!!

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