kidnapped by 1D

amber a 17 year old loves one direction and her bff gracie a 16 year old loves 1D too. they get tickets for one direction and have front row seats when harry notice amber he fall's in love with her. After the concert is over harry grabs amber and takes her to his house and told her he would never let her go. after a couple days she falls in love with him too. will love put them together?


1. I win

amber's pov:

(BEEP BEEP) great time for school. hi my name is amber im 17 it's my last year at high school i im a straight A student i wanting to go to Duke After i finish high school. i also have a boyfriend named dominic we have been going out for 3 month's i have a best friend named gracie we new each other since 6 grade. AND I ALMOST FORGOT I LOVE ONE DIRECTION!!!!!! i entered a contest that was on the radio to win 2 tickets for one direction. i realy hope to win.

i arrived at school and i went to first period. MATH! math was so boring mr. stevenson he never made it interesting. But at least i sit next to gracie. She was a big DIRECTIONER TOO!!!!! she also entered the contest too, we made a deal that who ever wins that other person get's the other ticket!!!!!

(sorry guys i have to go i will finish up the rest of the chapter tomorrow i realy sorry i have to get a shower then do finish my paper for school.) i hope you like it so far?

Mr.stevenson: "ok class take out your math book's"

gracie: "so amber 1 more hour to go"

amber: "yep im so excited"

Mr.stevenson: "gracie, amber would you like to tell the class what you two are talking about?"

gracie: no sir

mr. stevenson: "than stop talking and answer the fallowing question's on the board!"

amber: yes sir

gracie: yes sir

finally math is over "come on amber" said gracie, "but what about lunch?" i said, "omg your just like niall!!!!" we sat down out side were some picnic tables were. It was a chilly day out in holmes chapel, England.we were listening on the radio when it announced the winner!!!!!! "ok all of you one direction fans" OMG AMBER" "I CAN'T BREATH!!!"said gracie "shutup i cant here!!!!!" "so the winner is............................ Amber.a!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!!!!!! amber you won 2 tickets for 1D!!!!!!!!!!" "OMG I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL WE WON!!!!!!!!" OMG WE WIN WE WIN" said gracie. after we finished are dance and singing we had to go to are other period history great!!!!!! after school ended gracie came over to my place to celebrate!!! my mom was happy to hear that we won so she took us out to the mall to get a outfit for the concert it was in 2 more day's and i did not have a outfit so that was nice of mom. well that day ended well.

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