Love and Loss

This is the story of a 17 year old girl named Jessica. She is best friends with One Direction, though her and Niall have a special bond. When she comes home to find her boyfriend cheating on her, will Niall confess his true feelings? Read to find out more!


1. Cheater

Third Person POV

As a flight from London to North Carolina landed, a very tired 17 year old named Jessica walked to the cab she had called. She was so excited to be back home. Jessica missed her boyfriend of one year, Mike. She decided to surprise him by coming home early, but what she doesn't know is that she was the one who was getting the surprise.

Jessica's POV

I arrived in front of my boyfriend's house that we shared. I got my bags, paid the cab driver, and walked to the door. As I approached the door, I heard talking and then a high pitched giggle. 'I wonder who he's talking to', I thought to myself. I trusted Mike, but I couldn't help but eavesdrop on their conversation: The Girl: So when is she coming back? Mike: Tomorrow. God I wish she would've stayed in England. At that point, I was about to break down, but I wanted to confront him. I burst through the door, causing them to jump apart from each other. "You're cheating on me aren't you?!" I was well beyond yelling, I was practically screaming. Mike had a scared look in his eyes, while the girl seemed to have a smirk on her face. I felt tears beginning to blur my vision, so I blinked them away, not wanting to feel weak. "Baby, I'm sorry she means nothing. I love you." Mike tried to grab my hand, but I backed away, shaking my head. I looked to the girl and recognized her as the most 'popular' girl in school. I always hated her, she dresses like a slut and has slept with almost every guy in her senior class. I scoffed, "If this is the kind of girl you want, then fine. Don't ever call me again and don't even try to find me." After this I stormed out of the house, grabed my bags at the front door, and walked away. I noticed it starting to drizzle, but I don't care, I need to get away. I was going to the only person I know could help me... Niall. Yes, Niall Horan from One Direction. He lived nearby and he's been my best friend for years. I've always liked him, but never told him for the sake of our friendship. I see his house coming into view and I quicken my pace since it was raining at this point. I walked up the steps and knocked on the door. A few seconds later, he opened the door. He looks at me with wide eyes. "Jessica..."
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