A tale as old as time

This is a fan fiction story about Belle and Rumpelstiltskin from Once Upon A Time, their love is truly something incredible.


7. The Queens idea

Belle walked out from the castle her cape draped around her and her dress blowing in the wind she started to cry, and allowed herself to. She ran through the forest and sat down near a small lake and splashed her face with cold water she looked into the lake as if she were looking into her mind, her soul. She recalled all the time she had spent with Rumpelstiltskin she could still feel his lip's upon hers the amazing moment they shared.

Belle quickly got to her feet and went once more to walk down the lonely path she was on before, just as she arrived in her town a woman in black came up behind her and gagged her mouth with a piece of cloth. Belle was terrified she had no idea of what was going on, what she had done or why this was happening to her she felt a prick in her neck and the next thing she knew she was waking up in a dark cold room, at first she thought she was back in Rumpelstiltskin's dungeon but she was mistaken.

Just then the door creaked open and there stood Regina, the queen in black Belle looked up at her with a confused look upon her face "What am I doing here?" She asked Regina. Regina came over and sat next to Belle as she magicked the doors shut. "Belle, you are here because you my dear are leverage you see I know exactly what happened, you got into a terribly big fight with Rumpelstiltskin because you tried to end his curse by doing what I suggested kissing him. And then he told you to leave however..." Regina paused.

She grabbed Belle's arm and looked upon her beautiful face "He didn't want you to leave, he loves you Belle and my dear that is his undoing because very soon a powerful storm will come, a storm which will divide good and evil and I shall get my happy ending, I shall be the queen of all thing's evil and I shall be the one with all the power." She said loudly as she stared intensely into Belle's eyes.

Belle was still so confused "Then why do you need me? Why can't I go back to my village?" she asked in a pleading kind of tone. Regina smiled showing all of her teeth "Because Belle you are the love of Rumpelstiltskin's life and that my dear makes you leverage you see I am trying to steal his power and once he realizes that I have you here he will try and bargain to get you back and that is how I shall get his powers and finally become ruler of them all!" She screeched, she opened the door and left Belle to sit there with tears in her eyes.

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