A tale as old as time

This is a fan fiction story about Belle and Rumpelstiltskin from Once Upon A Time, their love is truly something incredible.


6. Regrets

A few hours had past and it was pitch black now, Belle knew that eventually he would have to come in there to her, that something would happen she didn't know what would happen but she did feel terrified however she never liked to have her weaknesses shown so she had stopped crying and just waited, waited and waited for him to emerge.

Rumpelstiltskin finally decided to come out from his chamber he had walked back and forth as if he were in some sort of a trance he needed to know what to say or what to do with Belle he loved her but he also felt upset for how he treated her in that situation and also he felt betrayed by her and the queen, and so he had come to the conclusion that he would have to let her go.

He opened the Dungeon door to find Belle lying upon the cold wall he stared at her for a few minutes before Belle spoke up "So, what are you going to do to me?" asked Belle with a stern voice. He felt his stomach lurch just as he did when he asked Belle to go to town to get his straw but this was different he knew that she would defiantly not come back again.

"Go." He said loudly and shakily as he looked through the door way and pointed with his finger outside the door, he couldn't brace himself to look at Belle he just couldn't handle it all. Belle was stunned she couldn't believe what she just heard. "Go?" she replied glancing at him weirdly. "I don't want you anymore dearie." He said in an unsympathetic tone.

Belle got up from where she were laying looked at Rumpelstiltskin and then walked past him slowly, she stopped half way outside the door and decided that she had to say something, she had to say what was on her mind. She walked in fastly and angrily and walked straight up to him her eyes fixated on his "You were freeing yourself you could have had happiness if you just believed that someone could want you!" She said loudly "But you couldn't take the chance." She added sadly and in a quieter tone "That's a lie."

Rumpelstiltskin replied his voice a little shaky he was angry and hurt at that statement but also known it to be true, Belle was absolutely correct and he just couldn't admit to it, he had to keep his emotions to himself he refused to let anyone see his true emotions, his real side.

"You're a coward Rumpelstiltskin! And no matter how thick you make your skin that doesn't change." Belle said angrily and forcefully, that hurt Rumpelstiltskin all his life he had been called a coward. "I'm not a coward dearie, it’s simple really my power means more to me. Than you." He replied with a scrunch up of his nose, he was lying of course the power didn't mean more than her he just couldn't and would not let Belle see his vulnerability.

"No. No it doesn't you just don't think i can love you!" Belle said loudly as she stared into his eyes they both seemed to look at each other with a lot of intensity because they both knew that was true and Belle desperately wished she could change his mind to believe her to believe in them. "And now you've made your choice, and you're going to regret it."

Her voice became shaky as if she were about to cry "Forever, all you'll have is an empty heart and a chipped cup." She stared at Rumpelstiltskin with tears in her eyes and swiftly moved and walked away from him.

He heard her footsteps leave the room and hung his head down to the floor in sadness what had he done? He kept thinking to himself he had just lost one of the best thing's that had ever happened to him and now she had gone, and she was never going to return. He went into the dining room and picked up the precious cup in which Belle had chipped he looked at it for several minutes rehashing old memories through his mind.

Eventually he went over and put the cup into the cabinet, where it sat amongst his other ornaments.

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