A tale as old as time

This is a fan fiction story about Belle and Rumpelstiltskin from Once Upon A Time, their love is truly something incredible.


5. A mistaken betrayl

Rumpelstiltskin was busily looking out the window just hoping inside him that Belle would come back he had nearly given up hope but then he saw her walking up towards the castle, he ran down the stairs and quickly came back to his spinning wheel and stared spinning Belle walked into the room and looked at him with a slight smile, He looked up at her in a casual tone and said "Oh your back already?" He smiled cheekily.

Belle walked over to him "hmm, come on your happy that I'm back!" she said happily to him, He smirked "I'm not unhappy." He replied Belle came over and picked up the piece of straw he had in his hands and put her hands on his shoulders "And you promised me a story." She said as she sat down beside him.

He was caught off guard he never dreamed that she would come back or that she could even touch him, he was extremely happy. "Oh did I?" he said startled. "Mhm about your son." Replied Belle Rumpelstiltskin looked down at the ground "there's not much to tell really, I lost him and I miss him terribly." He said admittedly and sadly at Belle as he stared into her pretty eyes.

Belle looked at him sadly "And since then, you've loved no one and no one has loved you?" She asked in a loving voice, Rumpelstiltskin leaned in closer towards her and looked her directly in the eyes "Why did you come back?" he asked softly but seriously. Belle looked back at him with the same intensity as he was looking at her.

"I wasn't going to." She said admittedly "But then something changed my mind." She said softly as she leaned in closer and closer to him their lips met and formed a gentle kiss, their bodies next to one another, Belle's hands clasped around his neck and Rumpelstiltskin's hand clasped around her waist.

Suddenly Rumpelstiltskin felt a tingling across his face, as his face started to change a colour. "What is happening?" He said startled, Belle looked him in the eyes happily with her hand's going through his hair "it's working, kiss me again!" she pleaded happily. "What's working?" he asked curiously Belle looked into his eyes "Any curse can be broken." She said to him directly

Rumpelstiltskin was outraged he got to his feet and knocked over his stool as he yelled "WHO TOLD YOU THAT!" Belle looked at him terrified and sadly as she stuttered trying to think of words to say "I – I Don't know she, she." Rumpelstiltskin growled "She!" As he walked over towards his long mirror covered with a sheet he took the sheet off "YOU EVIL SORE! This was you! You turned her against me!" He screamed at the mirror.

Belle got up to her feet as well and walked towards him "Who, who are you talking to, what is going on?" she asked him defensively. Rumpelstiltskin turned around to face Belle and pranced angrily over to her "The queen! Your friend the queen!" He said in a high pitched crazy voice. Belle looked at him strangely. "My friend?" she said softly.

"How did she get to you? I knew you could never care for me, or was this you? Was this you trying to be the hero and killing the beast?" Belle shook her head "NO! No don't you see the kiss was working, that means it's real!" "SHUT UP!" raged Rumpelstiltskin "its true love!" Belle squealed "why won't you believe me?" Rumpelstiltskin grabbed Belle's arms angrily as he screamed into her face "Because NOBODY, NOBODY COULD EVER, EVER LOVE ME!" and with that he grabbed her and threw her back into the dungeon and slammed the door shut.

He was hurt, he blamed the queen more than he did Belle, he couldn't believe his temper had gone off the way it did, he felt ashamed but he also felt cheated he was so angry at not only the queen and Belle but also himself, he believed that it was partly his fault and that he should never have let himself care for Belle.

Rumpelstiltskin pranced angrily off to his chamber he had to compose himself he had to get his head right, he felt so upset and wondered whether the beautiful girl had ever cared for him at all, the was a part of him that felt like maybe she did seeing as the curse was lifting and that true love did really make anything possible, however if she cared for him why would she have talked to the queen?

Rumpelstiltskin had so many questions and thoughts going around in his head he let out a deafening scream that made the whole castle shake, Meanwhile Belle was in the dungeon she had tears in her eyes she was laying on the cold wall once more and just going through every detail in her mind, she couldn't believe what had just happened between them.

"It was true love, it is true love" She thought to herself, but she also felt extremely sad after all Rumpelstiltskin was so outraged Belle wondered what was going to happen to her now, now that Rumpelstiltskin was upset and obviously hurt by what Belle had tried to do, Belle thought that she was doing the right thing, Belle had honestly wanted to kiss Rumpelstiltskin for a while now.

She had wanted to be with him, to show him how much she cared for him, it wasn't all about the curse it was about her emotion's however since talking to the queen she realized the curse would lift if she just kissed him, however thing's just became worse between them. Belle put her hands to her head and continued to sob.

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