It's a One Direction fan fiction! This one's a really big hit at my school.. I hope enjoy it!


4. You Better Not!

  "Boo!" I screamed and Niall jumped up and hit me in the head with a pillow.

  "Oh man! I'm sorry! You scared me! I'm sorry!" Niall said. I replied,

  "Oh, no need to apologize." And I picked up a pillow and hit him back.

  "Oh, so that's how it's going to be?" Niall asked sarcastically as he hit me again. We had a pillow fight for about thirty minutes and by then the movie had gone off. We sat on the couch and laughed about our pillow fight. We stopped laughing and his blue eyes met my green; he leaned into kiss me when Liam walked in.

  "Niall! You better not kiss her!" Liam yelled.

  "Sorry, I won't." Niall replied back as he got up and went to the kitchen.

  "Sorry about that Amber. I'll make sure that it doesn't happen again." Liam said while sitting next to me. I looked at him and asked,

  "How did you know that I didn't want to kiss him?" Niall came back in with a smile and asked,

  "Did you want to?" I got up and went over to him and replied,

  "Yes." He smiled and leaned in and kissed me; it only lasted a few seconds. Zayn came in and said,

  "Hey Amber, you shouldn't kiss Niall." I asked,

  "Why?" Zayn answered,

  "Because, he'll try to get you in bed."

  "Zayn that's not true! Amber I swear it's not true!" Niall assured.

  "Okay, I'm sure it's not." I replied. Harry and Louis walked in and Harry ran to me and gave me a huge hug.

  "Well, hello to you too, Harry!" I said as he let go.

  "Hey, sorry, I just really miss you." He replied.

  "Back off there, bud!" Liam said.

  "What do you mean?" Harry asked.

  "Amber is Niall's!" Zayn said, assuring Harry.

  "What do you mean?" Harry asked very confused.

  "They mean that she's mine. We're dating now." Niall said. Harry looked at me almost in tears and asked,

  "Amber? I-is this tru-ue?"

  "Harry, I'm sorry. But I am dating Niall." I replied. Harry bursted into tears, I started to cry too. "I'm sorry, Harry. Please, don't cry!" He didn't stop crying so I hugged him tight for at least five minutes. Then I hugged him tight for at least five minutes. Then I gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered 'I'm sorry' one more time and told everyone 'good night' and took Niall's hand and went to our bedroom.

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