It's a One Direction fan fiction! This one's a really big hit at my school.. I hope enjoy it!


2. Yes

  I got in and looked for my mum. I found her; she was in the kitchen. I asked,

  "Mum, is it okay if I move in with Harry and the other guys?" My mum turned around and asked,

  "Well, is Paul okay with it?" I was surprised that she knew Paul's name.

  "I reckon." I replied and Mum said,

  "Well, as long as Paul doesn't mind, you can."

  "Okay, thanks mum. Harry and Lou will be coming in soon to help me pack." I said as Harry and Louis walked in. "Well, y'all got here right on time! Let's go up stairs so I can pack." As we started up the stairs my mum called us to come here. She said as we came to her,

  "Well, I would like to meet the boys first." I replied,

  "Well, these are only two of the boys. There are three more and Paul." She said,

  "Well, I still want to meet these two boys."

  "Okay, this is Harry Styles," I said as I introduced him. "He's the youngest of the group." I then introduced Louis, "And this is Louis Tomlinson, or as I call him, Lou. He's the oldest of the group." My mum hugged them and replied,

  "Well, it's nice to meet you two, I'm Savanah Blue, but you can call me Savanah."

  "It's nice to meet you Savanah, but I prefer to call you Mrs. Blue." Louis said gentlemanly.

  "Such a sweet boy. Well, you guys better get packing." My mum said. We headed up the stairs toward my bedroom. When we got there Harry said,

  "You won't need your bed, just your school stuff and your valuable things. And your clothes, I guess; but we can always buy you more." I said while getting some bags out of my closet,

  "Okay, let's get packing." Once we finish packing we bring my bags down stairs. We are getting ready to walk out the door when my mum comes up to me and says,

  "Now, make sure to visit me every now and then, call me, and text me." She said. She whispered, "And protect yourself because boys will be boys."

  "Mum! I know! But they are good boys!" I said as I walked out the door.

  "Bye sweetie." My mum said and I replied,

  "Bye mum!" And I get into the back seat.

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