It's a One Direction fan fiction! This one's a really big hit at my school.. I hope enjoy it!


5. Boy, You Crazy!

  We both changed into our pajamas and laid down on Niall's bed.

  "Niall! Move your hand, now!" I yelled and I guess Harry heard because he dashed into our room.

  "Niall! Don't you touch her! I will turn you inside out!" Harry screamed.

  "Harry! It's fine! We were just playin'!" I yelled.

  "What were you guys playing?" Harry asked.

  "He was just grabbing my butt and kissing my back." I replied. Harry screamed and asked,

  "Kissing you're back!?"

  "Yeah! It's fine Harry! Just go back to bed!" I snapped to him. He left the room as Niall kissed my back and put his arm around my waist. He then kissed my neck as I fell asleep. I woke up and Niall's  mouth was on  my neck and Zayn was dancing around in his underwear in our room.

  "What are you doing, Zayn?" I asked.

  "Oh! Amber! I didn't know that you were up. I was just dancing around." He answered.

  "Okay, um,  what time is it?" I asked.

  "It's about 4:30a.m." He said.

  "Boy, you crazy!" I replied. He said,

  "Don't hate me 'cos you ain't me."

  "Ight, Imma go back to sleep." I replied and Zayn said still dancing around,

  "Okay, love you girl."

  "Love you too, Zayn." I replied before falling asleep. I woke up and Niall wasn't in bed, he wasn't even in the room. I went to the bathroom (which is right across from ou room) and brushed my hair and teeth and changed my clothes (I wore a baby blue Polo and some jean shorts). When I was down, I went down stairs and no one was home, once again. There was no note this time, probably the curdicy of Harry.

  "Great! Thanks Harry!" I yelled out because of my frustration, but the weirdest thing; I got a reply.

  "It's not his fault, love. It's mine." He said. It sounded like Louis, I was releaved and replied,

  "Louis The Tommo Tomlinson? Is that you?" He came out from a closet under the stairs.

  "Yes it is love." He said and came up to me.

  "Where is everyone?"I asked.

  "Harry, Liam, and Zayn went to Six Flags and I'm not sure where Niall is." Louis answered. I was confused because, one, why didn't Louis go, and two, where's Niall? Louis must have noticed my confusement. "What's wrong?"

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