It's a One Direction fan fiction! This one's a really big hit at my school.. I hope enjoy it!


1. Asking

  "So, what are you going to do?" My friend Harry asked as we walked home from school.

  "I don't know, hang with you if that's alright?" I said.

  "Yeah, that's cool with me." He replied with a smile.

  "Well, I have to call my mum and ask her. And maybe, just maybe, I could stay the night all this week, too?" I asked. He smiled really big and replied,

  "Yeah, that's alright with me. I hope your mum says yes." I smiled and pulled out my phone and dialed my mum's number.

  "Hello?" She asked.

  "Hey mum, when I come home can I get somethings packed and stay the week with a friend?" I asked.

  "Sure, who is it? McKenzie? Zoie? Hannah? Ashle-" She began but I cut her off and said,

  "No mum, it's Harry."

  "Harry?" She asked confused.

  "Yes, Harry Styles. He is a really nice guy." I assured her.

  "Amber, I don't know about you staying the week with a guy." She said thinking.

  "But mum! It won't be just us!" I replied protesting. She asked,

  "Well, who else will be there?"

  "Four of his friends and his manager." I answered.

  "Manager? Why does he have a manager?" She asked confused.

  "Mum, he's in One Direction. So can I stay with them for a week?" I said. She replied excitedly,

  "Why yes! Of course sweetie! You can stay with them as long as you like!" I replied happily,

  "Okay! Thanks mum! Love you, bye." She said before I hung up,

  "Love you too, bye."

  "So I'm guessing she said yes?" Harry asked as I was putting my phone in my back pocket. I replied excitedly,

  "Yeah! She said I could stay as long as I wanted!"

  "Well, do you want to move in? I'm sure the guys would love you too!" He asked smiling.

  "Are you sure?" I asked even more excited.

  "Sure! It will be so much fun!" Harry said almost as excited as I.

  "Okay! When I get home I'll ask my mum. Hopefully she'll say yes." I replied and then Harry said,

  "Well, we're outside of your house right now." I looked and he was right; we were. He continued. "I'm going to go ahead and have Lou drive up here and when he gets here we'll come inside and help you get packed if your mum says yes."

  "Okay." I replied while walking to the front door.


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