It's a One Direction fan fiction! This one's a really big hit at my school.. I hope enjoy it!


3. Apollo 18

  The guys house is about two miles from mine. When we got there, Louis and Harry helped me carry my bags in and took them to my new room.

  "Your room is next to mine." Harry said. I asked,

  "Um, why is there two beds?" He answered,

  "Oh, about that, you are going to have to share a room with Niall. Is that okay?" I replied,

  "Yeah, that's fine, where is the rest of the boys, anyways?" He answered,

  "Liam is out with Danielle, Zayn is getting new hair gel, and Niall is probably at a restraunt." I started to unpack my stuff and said,

  "Okay." It was about six o'clock when I finished unpacking. I went down stairs and no one was home, I looked on the table in the living room and there was a note. It read:

  'Dear Amber,

  Me and Louis went out to see a movie, we will be back around 8:00p.m. Niall should be back around 6:00p.m. And Liam and Zayn around 7:30p.m. See you when we get back.


  Harry. Xoxo'

  "Well, Niall should be here soon." I said to myself. I walked to the kitchen, and there is, no other than; Niall. "Hey Niall!" I walked up to him.

  "Hey Amber! What are you doing here?" He asked. I answered,

  "I'm living here now, me and you share a room." He smiled and replied,

  "Cool, and just to warn you, you will be way more comfortable if you sleep in my bed with me." I smiled and said as he stood up,

  "I'll think about it." I give him a hug and then I left the kitchen and went to the living room and sit on the couch. Niall follows me and he picks out the movie 'Apollo 18' and we watched it. I guess Niall thought that I would get scared and he pulled  me close to him. I love scary movies (and plus the movie isn't that scary) so I didn't get scared, but boy did Niall! He tried to hide it, but since he was holding me close I could hear his heart racing.

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