Little Things

Dasher has an amazing life she's popular at school is dating the most popular guy in school Garret yeah that's his name but there's one thing about Garret that bothers Dasher Garret bullies a group of five boys their names are Louis Liam Zayn Niall and Harry but he is always in Harry's case Harry comes to school almost everyday with a black eye or hurt lip somewhere bruised or hurt will Dasher ditch Garret and her popularity or ignore it
But will she have a choice when she's thrown together with Harry In a class?


4. Soccer Girls

(Dasher's POV)

I walked into the school looking for Harry I couldn't see him I went to my locker I opened it and a piece of paper fell out I picked it up and opened it it said:

Come out to the field I'll see you there
-H xx
I smiled and put everything in my locker and walked out to the field and remembered Harry had soccer try outs like he needed them he shamed the entire team last night I saw him wearing a blue shirt with black shorts and white converse isn't he missing his soccer shoes?
I go to the side of the field and call his name
"Harry!" J Erin's over and kisses me for a second or two
"You came thanks Dash" he said
"Yeah I got your note and aren't you supposed to be wearing soccer shoes?" I asked
"Naah these are my lucky converse" he said
A whistle was blown
"Come on Styes!" It was coach Burns he pecks my lips and runs back to the try outs the team is here watching the new members some in them leave the team so that's why were having try outs I feel someone's presence beside me
"Hello Dasher" I look and see Garret
"What do you want?" I asked
"An answer" he said
"To what?" I asked
"Since when are you and Styles a thing?" He asks
"Since when do you care and his name is Harry not Styles" I said
"I care if some nerd is sleeping with my girlfriend" he says
"I haven't slept with him and if he's a nerd you should be embarrassed cause he whopped your ass last night" I said
"Hey watch what you say" he said sternly
I ignore him
"So were you kissing him and all that shit while we were dating?" He asks acting like I'm the bad guy
"Atleast I didn't sleep with him you slept around yeah I've heard story's you've slept with about 8 girls in our 9 month relationship" I said
"You never slept with me I need atleast some action" he said
"Your disgusting" I said
"Hey if you weren't such a virgin bitch then maybe I wouldn't have cheated on you" he said
"Fuck you" I said
"I would love for you to do that my place 10 o'clock?" He says
"Your a sicko" I said
He pulls me close to him and puts his hands on my bum and won't let me go
"Let go of me get your hands off my ass you perv" I said pushing him off of me
"To bad you really do have a fine ass I bet Harry will enjoy it" he said
"You know what maybe I'll sleep with him atleast I won't loose my virginity to you" I said
"And he's a great guy something you never will be" I added he rolled s eyes and walked off back to the team after practice I wait for Harry to get changed he comes out and kisses me and links our hands together I was actually happy with Harry a lot more happy than I've been for a while.
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