Little Things

Dasher has an amazing life she's popular at school is dating the most popular guy in school Garret yeah that's his name but there's one thing about Garret that bothers Dasher Garret bullies a group of five boys their names are Louis Liam Zayn Niall and Harry but he is always in Harry's case Harry comes to school almost everyday with a black eye or hurt lip somewhere bruised or hurt will Dasher ditch Garret and her popularity or ignore it
But will she have a choice when she's thrown together with Harry In a class?


1. Seating Change

(Dasher's POV) Garret was driving me to school today we saw that boy that he always messes with walking down the street his curls popping our of his beanie his head down dragging his feet Garret chuckled "What a loser" he says I don't say anything I've never been one to like Garret's constant bullying he bullies that kid and his four friends but mostly him The hug says something to Garret nothing rude and Garret stopped and pulled over and go out of the car and ran towards him I close my eyes and plug my ears I hate when he does this when I open my eyes I see him holding his hands over his left eye I feel so bad "Gar why do you have to do that What did he even say to you?" I said "What's it to you Dash just leave it" he said I rolled my eyes I had almost every one if my classes with that guy if not with his friends our school was confusing and sometimes stupid I was lucky to be on the "Popular" side Harry and his friends were "inbetweeners" which is stupid. Garret parked his car we walked right into the school he kissed my cheek and we split up I walked towards English and this is one of the classes I have with that boy I walk into the class after putting my stuff in my locker and sat down I didn't sit beside someone I knew so it was awkward. The late bell rang and the boy walked in covering his eye and when he sat across the isle from me he took his hand off his eye and it was purple not swelled but purple he looked sad I took my gaze off of him I got a note thrown at me I opened it "Hey it looks like Garret pounded that Styles kid" I crumpled it up and threw it back angry I wanted to turn and yell "Just leave him alone" but I didn't I saw that it was Gabe Garret's friend I rolled my eyes the teacher cleared his throat "Ok class today were going to have a seating change" I sighed "Everyone stand up and stand at the side of the class boys on the left girls on the right" he said we did as he said He sat everyone "Harry Dasher back corner" he said I noticed it was Garret's target and smiled sincerely at him as we walked and sat down I was on the side of his black eye so I had to look at it I felt so bad I had to look at his other than the black eye gourgous face he had cute chubbing cheeks squeezable His thick long lashes his green eyes I haven't seen him smile but I bet he has a nice one. "Dasher can you focus on the lesson not your seating partner?" The teacher says completely embarrassing me. I felt my face get hot I sank in my chair covering my face Gabe chuckled and mumbled something "Shut Up Gabe before I shove my pencil down your throat" I said "That's nice" Gabe says I throw my eraser at him "Dasher Wellington do I need to have a chat with you in the hall?" The teacher says angry with me now "No sir" I said I dropped my pencil and Harry and I bent down to get it our heads bumped together I giggled we leaned back up and and rubbed the sore spot on our heads "I'm sorry" I said "It's-it's ok" he said his British accent was seriously the cutest thing ever he looked up at me our eyes meeting he grabbed my pencil and handed it to me I left the planet I was In my own world when I looked into his eyes "Thanks" I said as soon as my shuttle landed back on earth "No problem your Garret's friend right?" He asked "Yeah " I said sighing "Correct me if I'm wrong his girlfriend to be pusific" he said "Yeah I guess I am" I said "You don't seem to happy about that" he said "Well I guess I'm not I don't know things are complicated" I said "I'm sure you can figure things out" he said "Thanks" I said he nodded and turned around writing down the things the teacher wanted us o copy down I did the same. ~~~~~~<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>~~~~~~ After class I walked out of the room beside Harry he was next to the lockers as we talked Garret came up beside us and pushed Harry into the lockers knocking Harry's books and everything to the ground I turned to him "God Damn it Garret can you just stop?!" I yelled while everyone stared he gave me a look and walked away I'm on trouble.... I turn and bend over and help Harry pick up his books out hands touch we look up into each others eyes hands still touching "Hey Harold!" Someone yells from behind us we immediately snap out of it I turn to see Harry's best friend followed by the other three I didn't know their names Harry cleared his throat "What the hell happened to your eye was it that Garret asshole again?" The one in the red jeans (Harry's Bestfriend) says stepping forward and putting his hands on his cheeks "Louis I'm fine really" Harry said "And guys I'd like you to meet Dasher Garret's Girlfriend" "What is a girl this gorgeous doing walking with you Harold?" Louis asked "She's my friend" Harry said a blonde one steps out of the formation "Hi I'm Niall and the other two are Zayn and Liam" he said gesturing to the other two boys "Nice to meet you all" I said "Wait how come she's so nice?" Louis asked "I don't know but she just stuck up for me when Garret came around" he said "Did you what did you say?" Liam asked "We'll um I told him to stop I guess he makes me angry sometimes he shouldn't pick on you guys when you did nothing" I said "Yeah I don't see the point in that" Zayn said I smiled at them "He just pisses me off sometimes" I said "Dump him" Louis says "Well Louis it's not that easy" I said Harry groaned "What's wrong?" I asked "My stomach is starting to hurt" He says coughing Louis looked at me "Me and the boys gotta go to class but do you mind taking him back to our place or your place? We can pay you for babysitting him" Louis said with a smile "Rubbish I'll do it for free whats your cell I'll text you my address" I said "Just use Harry's thank you Dasher" he says as the boys walk off I help Harry down the stairs and to the office where we sign out and Louis had given me his car keys I drove Louis' sportage over to my house and walked Harry in and laid him on my bed and gave him medicine and a cup of tea I put a damp cloth on his forehead "Thank you, your a good nurse you know that?" He says "I don't know what happen to you you just suddenly came down with something" I said "It happens a lot that's why Louis knew what to so it's because one time Garret punched me in the stomach and it screwed me up a little" he says I got so pissed there "I am so sorry Harry" I said "It's not like it's your fault" he said he looked tired "Rest Harry you'll probably feel better" I said "Maybe thank you" "Stop thanking me Harry" I said smiling he still hasn't smiled at me yet "See you soon" I added and kissed his cheek and left he had told me I could use his phone to text Louis so is did so Louis: Hey is this Dasher? You: Yep Harry's resting Louis: thanks for that Dasher :) You: no problem Louis really :) Louis: ok got the message with your address see you guys at lunch! :Dxx You: alright see you soon ;) xx I felt like I was close friends with them already I went in to check on Harry he was facing the opposite way I went and sat cross legged beside him I poked him and he turned and laid on his back placing the cloth on the side table "How you doing?" I asked "Much better thanks to you" he said "Oh it's nothing" I said And there it was his smile cute dimples and all my heart jumped in my chest I looked at his lips and then his eyes it got serious in the room for a minute We sat there looking into each others eyes and glancing occasionally at each others lips There was a part of me that just wanted to kiss him, a big part of me.
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