Little Things

Dasher has an amazing life she's popular at school is dating the most popular guy in school Garret yeah that's his name but there's one thing about Garret that bothers Dasher Garret bullies a group of five boys their names are Louis Liam Zayn Niall and Harry but he is always in Harry's case Harry comes to school almost everyday with a black eye or hurt lip somewhere bruised or hurt will Dasher ditch Garret and her popularity or ignore it
But will she have a choice when she's thrown together with Harry In a class?


3. Hanging Out With Harold

(Dasher's POV)

1 day later...
I was upset because its Sunday and that means tomorrow is Monday poo....
But Harry was coming over today I posted on twitter
@Dasher_Wellington1: Today's a good day hanging out with my good friend Harold! :)
I locked my phone and the doorbell rang I ran down the hall yelling Harry I opened the door and he was standing there I jumped into his arms wrapping my legs around him hugging him he put his hands on my back he quickly walked into the house and slammed the door and leaned against it as we kissed I kissed him like I hadn't seen him in years I couldn't get enough of his peach scent of his cheeks his curls he walked into the living room collapsed onto the couch his necklaces resting n the hollow of my throat as he kissed me my hands along his jaw line kissing him felt so good I was in heaven...
That's when the doorbell rang Harry stopped kissing me I waved it off and kissed his neck as he kept looking back at the door
"Maybe you should..." He started when I was kissing his neck he turned his head and I kissed along his jawline and then his lips the person at the door kept pressing the button over and over again I unlocked me and Harry's lips and sighed
"For fuck sakes" I said Harry moved so I could get up he laid on his back feet dangling over the arm if the couch I went up to the door and answered it, it was my friend Sasha
"Hey Sash" I said
"What's with you it looks like you just had sex" she said I noticed my hair was a mess from Harry putting his hands in it
"Well I haven't done anything." I said lying I jut pent the last 15 minutes d my life making out with Harry on my couch....
"Well you better Garret's having a party tonight the soccer field to be detailed you know to symbolize soccer season you know the sign ups on Monday" she said
"I see yeah ill be there I'll text you later I'm long to go get washed up now ok?" I said telling her o leave between the lines she nodded
"You better wear something cute I gotta go find myself a date" she said winking at me
"See you later you slut" I said smiling I always call her a slut because she's been with more guys than you can count on your fingers thumbs and toes! She winks again
"You know it you whore" she says I laugh and shut the door and lock it and make sure she drives back down the street I run back and climb on Harry straddling him hands on his chest he opens his eyes
"So soccer try outs on Monday?" He asked
"Why do you play?" I asked he nodded
"Me and the boys" he says
"You all do?" I asked
"Yep" he says
"I got myself a soccer player" I say
"You have another one too" he says sounding jealous
"Who?" I ask
"Garret" he says
"About that" I say I tap Garret's contact
He picks up after three rings heavily breathing I hear a giggle in the back round is he sleeping with someone right now? Whatever I have someone WAY better than him
"Garret? Yeah it's Dasher" I say
"Holy shit Dash could have warned me first how's it going babe?" He asked
"Nothing how's the girl you with?" I asked
"Err uh she's good... Look I was goi g to tell you it's just-" I cut him off
"No Garret shut up were over ok?! Fuck you!" I say and hang up and look down at Harry he raised his brows
"Don't look at me like that" I said
"Oh and since I'm single wanna be my date to Garret's soccer party tonight?" I asked
"Hey I'm supposed to ask you" he says raising his knees and tickling me I giggled he's the best I think I love him. I hold his hands still and lean down and start to kiss him again

Later that night.....

Harry came back over he pulled up in my driveway I walked out wearing sandy skinny jeans white loose tank top and a sandy colored cardigan and white toms I got in and stretched across to connect my lips with Harry's for a short second I don't know why Harry isn't popular at my school he's hot as hell he dresses fantastic like now he had on black skinny jeans white converse and a white t-shirt with a dark navy blue blazer like who can pull off a blazer at 18? He looks drop dead sexy!
I scan his face with my eyes I text Sasha and tell her I'm on my way

Sasha: Ooh send me a pic of your date! Oh yeah I already heard about your break up :/ anyways send me a pic and sending you one right now!
You: Ok sending it now! :)
I took a picture of Harry you could hardly recognize him because their was only faint lighting from the street lights he looked hot though Sash's date want that bad either she sent me a message back saying
Sasha: Damn he's F-U-C-King hot! Smoking ;) you did good sis you did good!
You: thanks see you there Cutie! :) <3
Me and Harry pulled up and got out Sasha ran up to me she had just arrived her date trailing behind
"Wait hold up this is Harry?" She asked pointing at Harry he looked at me worried
"Uh yeah"
"He looks way hotter outside of school" she said he smirked
"Ooh he has dimples Aww" she said making him smile she poked him dimple
"Hey hands on your own date" I said
"Don't get Jello Dash just checking him out and damn he is fine" she said her date clutched her to his side
"Don't forget about me" he said I smiled
"Thank you" I said gesturing to him but I do agree Harry looked different from in school I linked my hand with his as we walked through the crowed beside Sasha and Her date which his name is Nathan there was this thing they did every year at these party's it's called the "Right of passage" and you so them how hard you can kick your form and if you can get a goal Harry was watching people as music played Back In Time By Pitbull was blasting they had the field lights on and the big screen showing a little clip of everyone kicking it so far there wasn't any good ones
"You should go Harry" I said
"Nah they'd laugh at me"
"No go" I said
"They all have soccer shoes I don't" he says
"Excuses excuses I bet you can kick that ball right into the net wearing converse" I said
"I don't know Dash" he said I kissed his cheek
"Anymore takers?" Garret's stupid voice rings through the speaker he has
A microphone and he's scanning the crowed
"Any of you nerds wanna give it a try?" He said
Harry walked out
"Where are going going?" I asked
"I'm tired if him calling the people that aren't popular nerds" he said to me and walked forward into sight of Garret
"Ah who's this?" He asks like he didnt know the camera goes on him and all of the girls cheer and whistle did he really look that different?
"Harry Styles!" He yelled to Garret
"Oh it's you, can you step back inline and not waste my time?" He asks everyone cheers Harry keeps his ground
"I wanna prove to you that" he does air quotes
"Nerds" and he puts his hands back down
"Can play sports just as good as you" he says Garret laughs
"Ooh please if you wanna embarrass yourself I'll get you a ball" he says
"If it causes you no trouble Garret" he says Garret stops
"How did you know my name you little shit" he says
"A little bird" he says Garret shakes his head and kicks a ball to Harry. Harry's at a good shooting distance and Garret glares at him the goalie gets in the ready stance
"On three Styles" he says
"1,2,3 go!" Harry runs forward and kicks the ball and it goes so hard and fast threw the net it drags the net all the way out everyone claps and cheers
"Harry, Harry ,Harry!" They all cheer Garret looks pissed he steps forward
"Let me do it" he says he gets a ball and runs forward and kicks it but the goalie catches it I can see the smirk on Harry's face even from 3 meters away.
"Defense draw!"
"See of he can make it through our defense!" Everyone's chanting
"Alright Styles I'm going to see of you ca get through our defense are you ready for this?" Garret says Harry nods
"Get him a ball"
Everything is set up and ready to go
Harry's waiting to be kick off when the DJ stops the music and plays our teams during game song We Will Rock You by Queen it starts and everyone claps along to the beat hitting there trucks and objects around along to the song Harry doesn't look nervous
As soon as the words are being sung Harry takes off we sing along
"We will we will rock you!" We sing loudly
Harry gets past all the defense leaving him to get through Garret and shoot
He looks at Garret and starts to run he slips past Garret everyone cheers and he kicks the ball getting low the ball goes in as the guitar gets strummed it goes right past the goalie and everyone screams and cheers Harry runs towards me I run towards him and we meet up and hug he twirls me around and lifts me up everyone Awwes and he smiles at me and lowers me I kiss him breaking it off after a few seconds something I didn't want to do everyone cheers loudly
"Hold on everyone this doesn't mean he's on the team" Garret says everyone Boos
"We need him!"
"He's our best hope"
"Put him on Garret!" That's the stuff that's being yelled Garret sighs the song ends
"Whatever Styles your on the team" he says Ridin Solo comes on and everyone starts to dance around us and scream
"Thank you for telling me to do this Dash" he says I smile and kiss him


Harry drops me off at my house I tell him to come in he does we walk into the kitchen I give him a gaderade he chugs it down and looks down at me and kisses the tip of my nose I giggle I put my hands on his sides as he puts his hands on my face me kisses me
"I have to go Dash" he says
"Oh ok" I said he begins to walk away but then turns back and pulls me onto his arms and kisses me again
"Why do you have to be so kissable?" He asks
"I don't know" I said innocently
He shakes his head and pecks me one more time and walks out of the room I counted with my fingers
"3,2,1" he came walking back through the door and put his hands on my waist and kisses me I smile into the kiss so does he we unlock lips but his forehead is on mine
"Why don't you just stay the night?" I asked
"I have to go home though tomorrow ok?" He says he pecks my lips I smile
"Yep" I say he kisses me for a good 10 seconds he puts his hand in my hair and and before I knew it he was leaving I blew him a kiss as he was leaving and I went back inside and sat in the couch the house was silent I went up and showered I slept with my cardigan because it smelt like Harry
I couldn't wait to see him tomorrow....
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