Little Things

Dasher has an amazing life she's popular at school is dating the most popular guy in school Garret yeah that's his name but there's one thing about Garret that bothers Dasher Garret bullies a group of five boys their names are Louis Liam Zayn Niall and Harry but he is always in Harry's case Harry comes to school almost everyday with a black eye or hurt lip somewhere bruised or hurt will Dasher ditch Garret and her popularity or ignore it
But will she have a choice when she's thrown together with Harry In a class?


2. Double The Crush

(Dasher's POV) I helped Harry to his feet as we walked down the stairs when the door bell rang I answered it and it was Garret
"One second Babe" I said I ran back inside and told Harry to hide I ran him up the stairs he hid under my bed I went back down and let him in
"Can we talk?" He asked
"Yep" I said gesturing for him to come in
"In your room?" He asked
"Yeah sure" I said we walked up to my room
He started talking about stuff about how I embarrassed him today Na dither stuff but all I could think about was Harry grabbing my ankles from under the bed after Garret left I poked my head under the bed
"Harry you little shit!" I say we laugh he comes out and we began to wrestle we stopped when I was straddling him his hands on my waist my hands on his chest we were looking into each others eyes glancing at our lips finally I couldn't hold it in anymore I quickly leaned down and put my lips on his it felt great our lips were warm his lips were so soft he put his hands on my back as we kissed this was by far the best kiss I've ever had in my entire life when we heard the door open
"Dasher! Harry!" It was the other boys our lips un locked and we stood up I wanted to kiss him again that's how bad it was he was so kissable
We ran down the stairs and were watched by the boys Louis standing in the front leading the pack with his hands in his denim jacket pockets I noticed he wasn't wearing any socks I don't know why these guys are bullied they are absouloutly hot all of them and they had accent Niall was the only Irish one I noticed he had braces I bet he had a gourgous smile before that. We greeted each other and and waked into my kitchen I sat on the counter cross legged as they all sat on the barstools
"So I guess you made Harry feel better?" Liam asked
"Yeah I did I guess" I said
"You guys know my stomach aches come and go" Harry says
"One day Harold you'll drop dead from one of those stomach aches" Louis says making me smile
"What?" He asked me
"The way you just say that to him" I said
"Oh" Louis says

1 hour later...
The boys were leaving and I would be alone for the rest of the day which really sucks.
I gave them all hugs goodbye Louis was last he lifted me up and swung me around I giggled
"Bye guys" I said
"Bye Dash" they say in choures I smile as I shut the door I go and sit on the couch and watch some soccer. Missing the boys already. My parents are never home they are always on vacations and stupid stuff like that I'm always alone in this big house. I kept thinking about the boys and soon I fell asleep on the couch I woke up to knocks on the door I look at the clock it's about 1:00 in the morning I sigh and get up I open the door and see the five boys I'm beginning to love in onesies I laugh they have bags
"slumber party?" Niall says from the front of the line I let them all in they each kiss my cheek Harry is at the end and he quickly pecks my lips
I smell pizza then I notice Liam is carrying a pizza they out their bags on the stairs and stand there
"Go into the living room" I say I walk behind them
"Oh wait we brought you something!" Louis says getting up excitedly he runs back in with a pink onesie and hands it to me I run off t the bathroom and change and walk out
"Beautiful" they all say I do a duck face and a piece sign and Zayn snaps pictures of me with flash on with his iPhone and we all laugh I snuggle inbetween Harry and Louis we watch a movie and soon were heading up to my room I share my queen size bed with ALL of them I'm in between Louis and Harry again and their scents combined are amazing
"Guys I can't sleep" I whisper
"Want us to sing a lullaby?" They ask I hope they aren't really bad singers
"Yeah sure" I said I snuggle in more no they started to sing
"Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are up above the clouds so high like a diamond in the sky twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are" the sing their voices beautiful Louis is rubbing my head soothingly and Harry is holding my hand unde the blankets I slowly fall asleep and snuggle into so,done but I don't know who it is.
When I wake up I'm wrapped in strong arms I open my eyes and see Louis I'm snuggled into his chest my hands on his chest
I get out of the bed and tiptoe to the bathroom and shut the door and brush my hair and brush my teeth it's Saturday today weekend yay! I open the door and see Louis standing there hes scratching his head
"Good morning love" he whispers he has his tooth brush in his hand and a little tube of sponge bob toothpaste I smile and make room for him to pass he kisses my cheek and goes in and brushes his teeth I just stand there I don't know why I look at the other boys they've filled in the gap that used to be where me and Louis were sleeping I walked over and pulled the blankets up more and kissed Niall's cheek since he was at the edge and I walk back to the bathroom when Louis was walking out we bumped into each other I giggle and feel my cheeks get red and he chuckles
"The other boys are still sleeping and there is no way were getting back in that bed" I said
"Then lets go down and start breakfast are you a good cook?" He asked
"I'm decent"
"Well I'm a horrible cook lets go" he says we walk down the stairs in our onesies and take out bacon and eggs Louis gets a pan off the hooks that hangover the island and lays it on the stove I turn it on and we start to cook he reaches behind me he comes up behind me right behind me and flips the bacon with the tongs while I turn down the heat I turn around and were face to face inches apart we look into each others eyes his eyes were so blue and beautiful like Harry's green ones I guess you can say I have a cruch on Louis... We lean in and we hear footsteps he back up and moves away I go back to what I was doing Niall walks in I smile at him he has lip gloss on his cheek he smiles at me
"Gee wonder who's lip gloss is on his cheek?" He says I giggle and I think blush but what ever he rubes it off
"Scramble or sunny side up?" I ask them both as thy sit on the barstools again oh yeah did I tell you the stove top is on the island! Pretty cool... Well most People have that.
"Sunny side up" they both answer
I make a lot of eggs and bacon and make some toast with butter and garlic on it and put hash browns in the oven
I get out orange juice and apple juice and put them on the table as I get out plastic utensils plates and glasses I don't do dishes because I've never learned how to use because like I told you my parents are never home it's a wonder I know how to use the stove and cook its from colanairy arts I took that so I can live on my own.
I finished making the food Zayn and Liam had joined us but Harry was still sleeping I let them start as I went up the stairs Harry was laying on his back I tippy toed up and straddled him and poked his cheek his eyes slowly fluttered open I waved to him and he smiled
"Hey sleepyhead" I said he sat up and moved back against the leather headboard me still on his lap
"Good morning" he said his sleepy voice was one if the most attractive things I've ever heard in my entire lives well all of the boys had nice ones but Harry's was just amazing he looked into my eyes my long straight brown hair flowing freely he put his arms around me and pulled me right against him our lips just about to meet they just touched when we heard yelling from down the stairs.... Louis
"Dash if you can't get him up drag him out of the bed!" He yelled up
"Ok!" I yelled down I looked back at Harry and kissed him for a good long 10 seconds not moving my lips then I un locked my lips he leaned in for more when I put my finger on his lips
"No No" I said he smirked under my finger I removed it and he pushed me forward my back to the bed he was hovering over me his necklaces hanging freely dangling I put my finger gently on his lips again and he leaned down and pressed my finger against my lips with his our lips were only separated by my finger I moved it and let our lips touch we gently grooved our lips to our movements I was happy we heard footsteps coming from the stairs I pushed Harry off of me and sat up he was on the ground groaning Louis walked in
"Ahh you used the trick eh?" He said he came over and high fived me he helped me off the bed and then Harry off the floor Harry playfully glared at me when Louis wasn't looking and shook his head I smiled at him and picked my lips blowing him a silent kiss he acted like he caught it and he put it in his onesie pocket we walked down the stairs and joined the rest of the boys for the meal which was almost gone.
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