Little Things

Dasher has an amazing life she's popular at school is dating the most popular guy in school Garret yeah that's his name but there's one thing about Garret that bothers Dasher Garret bullies a group of five boys their names are Louis Liam Zayn Niall and Harry but he is always in Harry's case Harry comes to school almost everyday with a black eye or hurt lip somewhere bruised or hurt will Dasher ditch Garret and her popularity or ignore it
But will she have a choice when she's thrown together with Harry In a class?


5. Candy Lips

-Dasher's POV-

Me and Harry are watching TV on the couch together it's about 1 in the afternoon on a Sunday, a commercial for lip loss comes on it's called "Candy Lips"
"Mmm jolly rancher" Harry says looking at me I giggle and blush were on opposite sides of the couch, he smirks and bites his lip
He comes towards me and lays me down to cuddle his lips hovering over mine when they come in contact the door bursts open and the boys come in Harry's falls off of me
"Oh shit were we interrupting anything?" Louis asked high fiving Zayn with a smirk.
"Yeah us kissing" Harry says sitting on the couch beside me again
"Well we didn't know it's not like we peaked through the window to wait until it got good to barge into at would be horrible" he says getting another high five from Zayn
"Louis is you high five him again I'm going to park my foot up your ass" I said
"What size shoe do you wear?" Louis asks high fiving Zayn again I take off my slipper and whip it him
"Ouch" he says Harry holds up his hand and I high five him


TBH this is one of my favorite Movellas to write... It's so flowy and the relationship between Dasher and Harry is so cute. thanks for reading!
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