Yesterday I got this topic to do and I thought I wrote a pretty good story so I decided to upload it. Sorry for any grammatical errors. The story is basically about a guy whose father abuses him and he decided that he had had enough and leaves home but he's still wondering if he's doing the right thing.


1. Leaving

No! Stop please, I promise I won't do it again. Whatever it is I did. Please just stop!" the boy pleaded from his position on the cold floor. "You always say that, Tyler. I've had enough of you and your foolishness," a man hissed kicking Tyler again. The man bent down and grabbed a fistful of his eldest child's hair and forced him to look into his eyes. Tyler stared at his father's unfocused, bloodshot eyes. "You're such a worthless idiot. Just a waste of space. Why couldn' t you be more like Annie?" the man yelled before he slapped Tyler.

"She's three years old! How am I supposed to be like Annie?" Tyler asked wrenching free from his father's grip. "The hell I'm supposed to know? All I know, is that she's the best thing that ever happened to this family, unlike you," his father spat punching him in the gut. Tyler coughed as he struggled to sit up. 'At least I'm not the worst. You're always high. You blow your pay on alcohol and weed and complain about not having any money. You're the worst father ever!" he told his father as he tried to raise himself off the ground. he didn't last long, as his father grabbed him by the collar and threw him on the couch. "You're the reason! You think I want to be drunk all the time, punk? I can't even stand you much in this state,' his father said smacking his only son around. All Tyler saw was black spots in his vision before he blacked out.

"Ty! Ty! Ty wake up," a bubbly voice exclaimed close to his throbbing head. Slowly, Tyler opened his eyes and the image of his adorable little sister filled his line of vision. "Good morning, Annie," he said as he picked her up. He sat up and looked around the shack he called home. The sunlight filtered in through the dingy white blinds. He heard his mother busy in the kitchen and knew that his father had already left for work at the law firm. 

His house wasn't really a shack but it felt that way, with the empty beer bottles and various smoking apparatus strewn about. He put his sister down and went to the kitchen. H e hugged his mother tightly from behind before going to his room.

He sat on his bed for a long time before he cleaned himself up. He threw his grey duffel bag on his carefully made bed and started stuffing it with clothes, shoes and his few prized possessions. H e clutched his side in pain. His father really got him good. His body ached dully as he continued packing. He put his wallet, cell phone and laptop on top of the stuffed bag. He took a notebook from his desk and a black pen and sat on the floor. He wrote to his mother, to his sister and finally to his father. H e folded each note carefully and proceeded downstairs; duffel bag in tow.

"Ty!" Annie screamed happily. He smiled weakly at her before continuing on his journey to the living room.    His mother sat on the couch reading a novel the television on but on mute. "Mom," he whispered, she looked up confused. "What's wrong dear?" she asked putting he book down. "This family," he said setting all three notes on the coffee table. "I can't stay here any longer," he told her.

His mother nodded bleakly. "I understand, baby, but remember all the fun times we had." She touched his cheek gently. He covered her hand with his and told her, "I know that, but this place no longer holds any happy memories for me. All I know now of here is pain." Tyler let her hand go and picked Annie up. "Her letter, let her read it when she's older like around sixteen, no sooner. Please don't read it either, it's between the two of us," he instructed his mother. He hugged his sister one more time and kissed her cheek before passing her to his mother. He walked out the door and walked out of the gate. He continued walking. He stopped along the roadway. He looked back at the house and decided that this was the best thing to do.

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