You`re Still The One

In the summer of 2012, Skyler has just graduated high school in the united states, and for her early 18th birthday present, her parents bought her a house in London. Skyler ask her best friend Faith to move in with her since the house is so big and Faith has always dreamed of moving to London! This story contains all the crazy adventures her and Faith have during the summer, including some romance with the hottest boy band in the world... One Direction!! I cant tell you anymore so you will have to read my book 'You`re Still The One' to find out!


7. Up All Night

   I was so excited, it was finally time to leave to go to the concert. Faith said she would drive since i probably wouldnt be coming home with her tonight... Not saying anything, but you never know what Hazza has up his sleeve;). "Im so excited!! Like im shaking." "Faith, did you know that the lead singer of Train saw his wife at one of his concerts and he had management go and get her. And now they are married?" i asked while searching for her reaction. "You are joking right?" she asked very surprised. "Nope you can google it."

   All of a sudden we pulled up to a massive building. "Were here?!" I said wanting to jump out. "Skyler calm down, the concert doesnt start for another fourty five minutes." "I know, how bout i go in and get our seats and you park?" I wanted to see Harry badly and thank him for the roses. "Okay, i got my ticket, ill see you in a minute." I didnt even answer i just jumped out and took off towards the entrance. 

   I was surprised to walk in and see nobody here yet. I pushed open the doors leading towards the arena. Music filled my ears immediately, i looked on stage and there they were. All five boys standing in the glory of the lights on stage. I decided to freak Harry out a bit and so i decided to try to find a way backstage. I opened my wallet and found a V.I.P pass so i could go backstage. Of course, Harry gave these to me when we went out to lunch. I walked up to a security guard and showed him the pass. "Ah ha, name please." "Skyler Combest." "Is Faith Dipboye here?" "Shes parking the car sir." "Alright you can go." "Thank you." i called after the guard and walked towards these to massive doors.

   I walked down a long corridor until i found a door labled, "Harry Styles Dressing Room." I listened to see if he was in there and it was silent. I turned the knob and it was unlocked. I walked in and found all of Harry`s clothes on one wall, a massive mirror on one wall and a table full of hair gel, a blow dryer, hair brushes and a wash cloth. There was a large plant by the mirror. I touched its leaves, and it was fake. I heard someone coming and i freaked out and went and stood behind the door.

   The person walked in and it was obviously Harry. I decided to freak him out a bit, so when he closed the door behind him I walked up and stood on my toes and covered up his eyes, "Guess who love?" "Ummmm." Harry seemed caught off guard, good. "Guess." i whispered again. "Its Skyler!" he sounded like he was smiling. "Wrong." i said trying not to laugh. "It is too." He chuckled and turned around to face me. "Hey babe." he said kissing my cheek and pulling me in for a hug. "Hey Hazza, thanks for the roses. I loved them!" i replied hugging him back. I pulled away from the hug and looked up at him and smiled. "Youre so beautiful." he whispered rubbing my cheek with his thumb. "Stop it harry." I giggled and pulled away. I walked over to the counter and jumped up and sat on it. Harry walked over to me and stood between my legs. (Let me out this out there, im like 5 foot tall and he is like 6 foot 3. Totes cute;)) Anyways he put his hands on my waist and pulled me closer. I looked down so he wouldnt see that i was blushing. He put his thumb under my chin and put my face eye level to him.. well somewhat eye level because hes so tall. "Skyler, i was gonna wait till we got to the park to ask you this. But i mean i know we just met and all, but i fell like ou are the one and i know i can make you happy. I want to call you mine and i want to protect you from all evil, so will you Skyler have the honor to be my girlfriend?" He had tears brimming his eyes. I was so speechless that i couldnt say anything so i just shook my head yes. He chuckled and pulled me into another hug. I pulled away and let a single tear fall. Harry wiped it away with his thumb and started to lean in. We were about to kiss till someone busted the door open.

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