You`re Still The One

In the summer of 2012, Skyler has just graduated high school in the united states, and for her early 18th birthday present, her parents bought her a house in London. Skyler ask her best friend Faith to move in with her since the house is so big and Faith has always dreamed of moving to London! This story contains all the crazy adventures her and Faith have during the summer, including some romance with the hottest boy band in the world... One Direction!! I cant tell you anymore so you will have to read my book 'You`re Still The One' to find out!


3. Meeting Harry

While running across the parking lot people were looking at us like we were crazy, but we didnt care. I finally found my car and faith`s car was parked right beside it.

"How did your parents afford all of this?!" faith asked while putting her suitcase in the trunk.

"I have no idea honestly. But lets get to the house, follow me!" I replied while getting in the car.

   I started the engine and it rumbled to life. I found a GPS connected to the dashboard and found that our address was already programmed in and it was under 'home'. I buckled my seat and was about to pull off until a curly haired boy knocked on my window. I looked over at faiths spot and she was already gone.. great. I rolled down the window,

"hi can i help you?" i asked politley.

"yes, my car wont start and my phone was stolen so do you mind if i use yours?" his british accent was thick, but his beenie and sunglasses hid his identity very well.

"sure, would you like to come sit in the passengers seat?" i asked kindly.

"that would be lovely." he replied walking around the car.

   Okay i know what youre thinking.. this guy is probably physco! but a little voice in my head told me to let him sit in the car with me.

   Before he got in the car, he pulled his beenie and sunglasses off. I didnt notice because i was messing with the GPS.

"thanks again, you dont know how many people i asked and they just ignored me."

   I looked up so i could reply, but i was shocked. Harry Styles was sitting beside me, in my car, waiting to use my phone. I didnt know what to say, i know i couldnt freak out because that was a turn off. But i probably looked like crap! For crying out loud i was in sweats, a hoodie, and my hair was in a messy bun!!

   I handed him my phone because i was lost for words. He took it and thanked me again. I didnt wanna seem creepy and stare at him so i started messing with the gps again. After talking to whoever he was talking to he hung up and handed me my phone back.

"thanks again, how bout i repay you by taking you to get coffee sometime?" he asked flashing that million dollar smile.

"hehe.. sure? but i dont have your number and i dont even know your name." i replied acting dumb.

"im harry."

"who?" i asked playing dumb again

"from one direction?"

"whats one direction."

"like you dont know." he replied pulling out my take me home cd.

we both laughed. "it was funny huh?" i said laughing even more.

"i was about to freak, what teen doesnt know about one direction?" harry asked trying to act like a girl.

   I just started blushing and he did too. We exchanged numbers and harry was on his way, but before he left he peeked his head back in and kissed me on the cheek. "by the way skyler you have beautiful eyes."

   I started blushing and he told me he would text me later. I figured id better hurry because Faith was looking for me, man she would not believe me when i tell her about this.

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