You`re Still The One

In the summer of 2012, Skyler has just graduated high school in the united states, and for her early 18th birthday present, her parents bought her a house in London. Skyler ask her best friend Faith to move in with her since the house is so big and Faith has always dreamed of moving to London! This story contains all the crazy adventures her and Faith have during the summer, including some romance with the hottest boy band in the world... One Direction!! I cant tell you anymore so you will have to read my book 'You`re Still The One' to find out!


5. Lunch With Him<3

   After I was done with my shower i put on my favorite tanktop that was light blue and had a panda on it, i wore my favorite blue jean shorts from hollister and i wore my white vans. I needed to do something with my long blonde hair. Something simple but effective, i went with a classic pony tail but i braided back my bangs and added it into the pony tail. I put on little to no makeup and texted harry.

Skyler: Im ready when you are(:

Harry: Ill be there in less than a minute.

Skyler: Cant wait(:

   Why was i the one always putting the smiley faces and crap? Whats up with harry. I was nervous (as expected) and was second thinking the lunch. Then the little voice came back, 'dont do this' I need to do this it will be good for me. 'No its trouble, dont go.' I was typing a message to Harry explaining that i couldnt go. I was about to press send then, i heard him honk outside. "shit." i mumbled to myself. "Faith im leaving ill be back later!" "okay! dont forget about the concert." i smiled to myself. "wouldnt miss it for the world." But little did Faith know that i would be having lunch with Harry Freaking Styles in matter of minutes.

   I walked out the door and saw Harry standing infront of his range rover on his phone. I coughed awkwardly so he would look up. "hey beautiful." he said while smiling. He walked over to the passengers side and opened the door for me. I Kinda looked at him awkwardly. Were guys supposed top do things like this? But i thought it was very romantic so i kissed him on the cheek as a thank you. Once i was buckled in and ready to go, harry ran to the drivers side, got in, and took off. It was a little too quiet so Harry turned on the radio. Free Fallin by John Mayer was on. I mean dont get me wrong i love this song, but earlier when i heard it was right after the voices told me not to go on this lunch date with harry. But YOLO right?;)

   After about ten minutes we pulled up infront of this little diner and it looked so old fashioned. "I know it doesnt look like the best," harry said interupting my thoughts, "but they have the best burgers and shakes in town." I smiled at how he was smiling back at me. God he was cute. SHUT UP SKYLER!! You cant fall for him!! Hes a super star remember. I jumped a little when harry opened the door. "didnt mean to scare you love." he chuckled while taking my hand. "Its fine, i was just thinking." He nodded while our waitress sat us at a table. "Excuse me miss? Can we have a booth?" Harry asked smiling at the waitress which made her swoon. "Of course cutie." She replied while giggling. I wanted to be like UMM HELLO IM RIGHT HERE!!

   Once we were in a booth, she took our orders and then left, but gave me a dirty look before leaving to put our orders in. "Im so sorry about that skyler." harry said while grabbing for my hands. "its fine, no harm done." I smiled trying to hide my pain. Was i just another one of his charity cases? Is this all a joke? This stuff doesnt happen to normal girls like me.


Harry`s P.O.V

Something was wrong with her. The way she hesitated before she took my hands, the way she acted around the waitress, the way she looked at the table and not making eye contact with me. "Skyler whats wrong?" she looked up and was about to say something until two teenage girls came up and asked to get pictures with me. "Im so sorry." i whispered to skyler before i got up to give the girls a hug and take some pictures. "Harry whos she?" One of the girls asked while pointing to skyler. "Just a friend thats all ladies." i assured them and gave them a wink. The other girl stuck out her tounge at skyler before she walked off. I saw skylers heart break into a million pieces right then  and there.


Back To Me

The girls left and one stuck her tounge out at me. I was so heart broken, even more when harry said 'Just Friends' i knew it. Im just another one of his charity cases, thats all ill ever be. But why should i care? I mean were not dating right? And hes Harry Styles for crying out loud!! And im just Skyler Combest... My thoughts were interupted by harry talking again. "whats wrong skyler?" "you dont have to pretend like you like me." i whispered while looking at the table. Tears were stinging my eyes and i had to blink to hold them back. "What are you talking about? I do like you skyler, i truly and honestly do." I started to get up and leave but harry pulled me back down. "Please skyler, please." I looked at him letting a single tear fall. "Come on, lets go." Harry offered and i gladly excepted and we walked back to his car.

   The ride back to my house was quiet and awkward. "Skyler, talk to me please." harry pleaded while putting his hand on my shoulder. "Its just when you said 'just friends' the girl stuck out her tounge. Harry i think she honestly did that so you would see it. And you just sat there and didnt say anything." i replied while harry started to pull in my drive way.


Harry`s P.O.V

   It killed me to see her so upset and broken, "i only did it to pretect you sky." "Protect me?!" she was getting angry now, "protect me from what harry?! some stupid fourteen year olds.?!" she looked into my eyes and i started tearing up. "All i want to do is protect you. Thats all." i said while leaning in closer. Skyler became a little tense and backed up a little. I put my hand on her cheek and stroked it re assuring her it was okay. "Do you trust me?" i asked while leaning closer. She nooded her head for approvel. I wasnt going to force her to kiss me. Once she nodded i leaned in and connected our lips. She was tense and still for a second, but then she relaxed and our lips moved in sync. I pulled away before i got carried away with myself.


Back To Me

After we kissed i started to get out but he pulled me back for one more quick kiss. "see you at the concert." he chuckled while winking at me. "ill be the one up front." i replied and closed the door and started walking towards my front door. THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!

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