You`re Still The One

In the summer of 2012, Skyler has just graduated high school in the united states, and for her early 18th birthday present, her parents bought her a house in London. Skyler ask her best friend Faith to move in with her since the house is so big and Faith has always dreamed of moving to London! This story contains all the crazy adventures her and Faith have during the summer, including some romance with the hottest boy band in the world... One Direction!! I cant tell you anymore so you will have to read my book 'You`re Still The One' to find out!


6. Hes Too Sweet

   I walked inside and ran up to faiths room. "Faith!! omg you will never guess who i just went to lunch with!!!" "ummmm. Harry Styles?" "omg how did you know?" i was in complete shock. "how did you know?" she looked at me and opened her lap top. "its all over twitter." i was completely shocked again!! "all over twitter?!?! how?" "well some fan that came up to you guys in the diner took a photo of you and harry and posted it on twitter and now its everywhere." I had to tell harry. I was afraid to check my twitter, but i did anyways. I had over a million followers and 99.9% of them were saying completely disgusting things. One girl said "@skyler_noel you are a filthy whore and stay away from my @Harry_Styles" another said "@skyler_noel i will find you and gut you like a fish if you kiss @Harry_Styles anymore."

   I was scared i picked up my phone to call harry. After a few rings, it went to voice mail. I guess hes getting ready for the concert. OH CRAP THE CONCERT!!!! I looked at my clock and it was 4:15, i had less than an hour to get ready for the concert. Faith was almost ready all she had to do was finish her makeup then she would be done. "im going to take a quick shower faith!" i called running towards my bathroom. "okay boo, you better hurry!!" i just laughed at the fact that she called me boo. I plugged in my phone to my ihome and put it on shuffle. 'Waiting On The World To Change' by John Mayer was up first.  By the time the second song ended i was done.

   I decided to curl my hair, but what would i wear? I picked out my cropped t-shirt that had an infinity sigh but had directioners written in itand it was blue. I put on my white jean shorts to match that and my blue sneakers to match. I put on my paper airplane necklace that was just like harry`s and some bracelets like he has. I started blow drying my hair and had a little over thirty minutes till we had to leave for the concert. I was making perfect timing. My phone lit up on the ihome, it was a text from harry.

Harry: Nice outfit babe;)

Skyler:What are you talking about Harry?(:

Harry: Look outside your door. Ill see you at the concert;) .xx

   I went to my door and opened it, there on the floor was a bouquet of flowers. But not just any flowers, my favorite flower, white roses. He was too sweet. I picked them up and sniffed them, they smelt really good. Then i saw a note attached. I saw perfect and beautiful handwriting and this is what it said.


After the concert tonight, i want to take you somewhere special. I really want to get to know you better because lunch was kinda ruined.. (so sorry about that) Give me another chance?

-Harry .xx'

   I couldnt stop smiling, he was too sweet. I didnt have enough time to curl my hair so i just let it fall freely, and was off to the concert.



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