You`re Still The One

In the summer of 2012, Skyler has just graduated high school in the united states, and for her early 18th birthday present, her parents bought her a house in London. Skyler ask her best friend Faith to move in with her since the house is so big and Faith has always dreamed of moving to London! This story contains all the crazy adventures her and Faith have during the summer, including some romance with the hottest boy band in the world... One Direction!! I cant tell you anymore so you will have to read my book 'You`re Still The One' to find out!


8. Concert Time

   "Harry they need you for sound check." A female voice said. "Okay ill be right out." Harry replied pulling me closer. What was i thinking i couldnt kiss Harry Styles! This isnt normal. "Harry?" I asked pulling away. "Yes Love?" "Can we keep us a secret, you know until Im ready for all the hate." I asked with pleading eyes. Harry looked a little taken back. Im guessing from wanting to keep us a secret for a while. "I mean only like a month at the max." I reassured him. "Whatever you want love." "thanks Harry." I whispered blushing a little. "Okay you have to go." I reminded him giving him a kiss on the cheek. I saw him blush a little and i let out a small giggle. Harry grabbed my hand and led me out of the door after him. He walked me back to the door that i entered when i talked to the security guard. "Ill see you after the concert?" Harry asked before i walked out the door. "Sure." I replied while smiling. My heart was literally in my throat. Was this really happening? No it couldnt be, im just Skyler from Arkansas. And he was Harry Styles from One Direction. My thoughts were blown away because my phone started ringing. It was a text from Faith.

Faith:Where are you? Im in our seats and the boys are on stage warming up!

Faith:OMG!!! Niall winked at me!! And why is Harry asking me where you are?(:

Skyler: Im on my way in.

   I gave the young man my ticket and walked in the arena. I heard my favorite song playing.

  "Hello, hello, I know it’s been a while
But baby, I got something that I really want to let you know, yeah
Something that I want to let you know, oh, oh, oh

You say, you say to everybody that you hate me
Couldn't blame you ‘cause I know I left you all alone, yeah
I know that I left you all alone

And yeah, now I’m back at your door
You're looking at me unsure
I should’ve seen it before
You’re all I think about, baby

I was so stupid for letting you go
But I know you’re still the one
You might have moved on
But girl, you should know
That I know you’re still the one
I know it’s saying too much
But I will never give up
I was so stupid for letting you go
But I know you’re still the one
I know you’re still the one"

   By the time the song was finished i was up in my seat. Front row, i was legit so close that i could reach out and touch the boys. It was now the offical time to start the concert and the arena was so alive. You could hear girls screaming out the boys names, a couple girls beside me were saying how they were going to get the boys to love them and other crap. I was thinking in my head, "B*tch please, hes mine, he aint going after you guys." Wait what was i doing? Was i really being protective? The boys walked out on stage and the crowd went wild. They concert was amazing, the boys sung all the songs from their up all night album and Little Things and Still The One from take me home. Harry kept looking at me through out the concert. When he sung his solo in Little Things he came and sat infront of me and sang it to me. Locking his beautiful green eyes with mine.

   After the concert i was really tired so i texted Harry telling him i had to run home and take a shower. He understood and said he had to do the same. Th whole car ride home faith was quiet. "Faith why are you so quiet?" i asked and she started blushing. She let out a giggle as she pulled out her phone and showed me her screen. There were text messages.

Niall: Hello Beautiful

Faith: Whos this?(:

Niall: Its Niall Horan, Harry got your number from Skyler and gave it to me.(:

Faith: Really Niall Horan? Then where are Skyler and I sitting?

Niall: Front row, right in the middle.

Faith: Okay i believe you, so why have you decided to text me.

Niall: Well, after the show, would you like to go to get some Nandos with me?

Faith: Sure! Id love that!(:

   She pulled the phone away before i could read anymore. "So you are going to eat Nandos with Niall?" i asked surprised. "Looks like it." Faith replied blushing like crazy. "Wow thats incredable." I didnt know how else to respond. We got out of the car and went inside. I went up to my bathroom and jumped in the shower. When i was finished i got out and brushed my teeth. I checked my phone and i had a text.

Harry: Sorry babe i cant make it tonight. :(

   I was a little hurt that i couldnt see him but i brushed it off and replied.

Skyler: Thats okay, maybe another time.

   I figured there was nothing else to do so i put on some yoga pants and a Jack Wills hoodie and went and laid in bed. I was scrolling through twitter when i found myself dozing off. I flicked my light off, and tried to sleep. Right before i fell asleep, there was a flick on my window. My eyes shot wide open, i started to get goosebumps, but then i thought it was my imagination, then i heard it again. I sat up and looked at my window, then something tapped it again. I got up and walked over towards my window. I was on the second story so it wasnt as scary as it would of been if i was on the first floor. I hesitated before i opened my curtian then i pulled it back slowly. I looked at the ground and saw Harry standing in my yard. I went to grab my phone and called him. "Hello Beautiful." he answered, i could tell he was smiling. "Harry its freaking two in the morning, why are you throwing pebbles at my window?" I asked letting a small giggle escape my lips. "Just come down beautiful, please." "Okay let me put-" i got interrupted by him, "No makeup, come down. You`re perfect just the way you are." I smiled to myself and started walking downstairs. I opened the door and harry ran to me and picked me up, spinning me around. I couldnt help but giggle. He sat me down and picked my chin up so i could look at him. I saw a spark in his eyes and he lookd deep into my eyes. "What?" i asked becoming a little insecure. "Nothing, it just i couldnt sleep because i needed to see these beautiful eye." He was too sweet, i had tears brimming my eyes. "Im sorry love, i didnt mean to make you cry." He added pulling me close. I could smell his colone and it made me feel safe and secure. "Im not crying because im sad harry, im crying because im happy."

   We stood there for what seemed like forever, then after a little while longer harry picked up my chin again and leaned in. His plump lips brushing mine as he looked me in the eyes asking for approvel, i knew he wouldnt force me to do anything that i didnt wanna do. I trusted him so i slightly shook my head and he closed the gap. His plump lips were so soft. We kissed over and over until he licked my bottom lip asking for access. I denied because i didnt want things to go too far. I pulled away and looked at herry. His lips gave a little pout but he understood. I shook as the wind started blowing, "lets go inside where its warm." i offered. Harry shook his head yes as he followed me inside. We went into the living room and sat on the couch, i sat on the very far opposite said as harry. He looked a little confused and poked out his bottom lip. i stuck out my tounge and he chuckled and came and pulled me closer to him. I put my head on his shoulder as he was flicking through the channels. I guess i doze off because i awoke to Harry putting a blanket on me. "Where are you going?" I asked as he turned to leave. "You fell asleep so i decided to go back to my flat." He replied looking a little startled that i was awake. "Is faith home?" i asked a little worried i didnt like being home alone. "No shes staying at nialls, its four in the morning." He replied proping himself on my door frame. "Oh." i replied trying to hide my fear. I guess i failed because harry walked back over to me. He leaned down to kiss my forehead, "im going over to my flat then ill be back." he mumbled into my forehead. "promise?" i asked grabbing his hand as he started walking away. "i promise skyler." I let go of his hand and laid back down.

   I was awoken again as harry slipped behind me on the couch.I rolled over to face him and realised he was topless. He jumped a little as i put my hand on his chest. "Skyler your hands are freexing." harry confessed as he put his arm around my waist and pulled me close. "sorry.." i mumbled still half asleep. "its okay," he replied kissing my head, "goodnight beautiful." he added, his raspy tone filling my ear, which gave me goose bumps. "Goodnight Handsom." i replied getting a chuckle out of him.


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