Trying to stay strong

Ariana is a 17 year old girl that gets bullied all the time at school. She has an older brother josh, who sticks up for all the time but she also has a adopted brother and sister who are twins that are just like bullies. Her parents are divorced but she lives with her dad and brothers and sister. On one normal day of school being bullied not talking to anyone and sitting alone at lunch she just couldn't take it so she ran and ran but then she ran into someone she never expected. This is my first movella so I don't know if its good or not so please comment!


3. Chapter two

Ariana's POV

I walked to my locker and got out all my stuff. Just as I was turning around I saw my favorite person -not- Jessica one of the meanest of my bullies. "What do you want?" I said." She pushed me up against the locker really hard. "I will ask the questions," Jessica said. I looked around to see if anybody saw this. Sure enough there was tons of people staring. "Stay away from your brother or I will hurt you," Jessica said. Then someone cleared their throat behind Jessica . She turned around and there was my brother, josh standing there. "What do you think you are doing?" Josh said. Oh hey josh I was just helping Ariana pick up her books. Then she pushed all my books on my feet picked them up and shoved them at my stomach. Then Jessica started walking away. Josh grabbed her arm. And yelled "you think I didn't see that!" I just stood there in shock I didn't know what to do. "I don't know what your talking about." Jessica said . "You know what I'm talking about I saw and heard everything. Josh said. Then Jessica ran off. Josh turned to me and said " you alright?" I just nodded. Josh left for class. And I just stood there still in shock.then another bully cam up to me and said look at the little baby too scared to talk or move mike said mike -mike is the bully- I tried to get away when he caught me and said I honestly don't care if u go die right now mike said. I grabbed my bag and ran to the nearest park. When I got there I sat by a tree looked to see if anyone saw me the I let the tears fall. I grabbed my bag took out a blade . I put it against my wrist it was really cold I cut once then I heard somebody running towards me and scream " wait stop don't do it" I then cut really fast 12 more times so I would have 13 cuts my favorite number.

Harry Style's POV

I skipped school today so I could hang with the lads but it turned out to be really boring . So. I went for a walk to the park when I got there I was kind of hidden behind a tree then I saw the most beautiful girl I ever laid my eyes on. She had long blonde hair with red highlights at the bottom. She had the most beautiful blue eyes ever. But then I noticed she looked like she was gonna cry. I watched her she ran and sat with her back against a tree and cried her eyes out . I was gonna go over to her but I got scared that I would say something stupid. I looked back up at her with a blade to her wrist. I started running towards her and I yelled " wait stop don't do it" she ignored me and cut several more times up her arm. I ran over to her and took the blade out of her hand then she looked up at me with big eyes. I stared back at her wondering why she was staring at my like that but then I'm like wait I'm Harry styles from one direction. I asked her " why did you do that" then I knelt down right next to her. "Why do you care" she asked. "Because your the most beautiful girl I have ever laid my eyes on. She looked up at me in disbelief. "You don't even know me" she said. But I can tell because when I looked at you I had a feeling that I have never had before and I was so happy that I just saw you and I wanted you to be mine. I said. She let out another tear. And I used my thumb and wiped it away. Are you serious you actually like me nobody likes me she asked. She said it a little fast and she blushed a lot. So your a directioner? I asked her. Umm kinda ya she said and turned her head away. I pulled her head back with my finger. What's your name?" I asked her Ariana she said. I love that name I said. Come with me back to my house so I can take care of your arm. I said I can't let you do that. She said. But I want to so let's go I say standing up and putting my hand out to help her get up. Fine she said and took my hand. I have to warn you the lads are gonna be there so there will be questions. She looked kinda scared. It will be alright just let me explain it to them. She looked up at me . Ok.. She said quietly.
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