Trying to stay strong

Ariana is a 17 year old girl that gets bullied all the time at school. She has an older brother josh, who sticks up for all the time but she also has a adopted brother and sister who are twins that are just like bullies. Her parents are divorced but she lives with her dad and brothers and sister. On one normal day of school being bullied not talking to anyone and sitting alone at lunch she just couldn't take it so she ran and ran but then she ran into someone she never expected. This is my first movella so I don't know if its good or not so please comment!


4. Chapter three

Harry's POV
I can't believe that such a beautiful girl would do this to herself. I needed to know why she did so I asked her. Umm Ariana why did u cut yourself anyways? I asked. She looked up at me and said " I get bullied everyday at school and I don't have any friends at all I only have my older brother Josh, and my younger brother and sister are twins and they are adopted but they bully me. My parents are divorced so me Josh and the adopted twins Jacob and Alice live with our dad." Ariana said. I stopped her and hugged her and said "I'm so sorry" "it's ok there's nothin you can do anyways," Ariana said. We walked for a little bit longer then we were at my and the boys house. Before we went inside I asked her " so it's ok if I tell them everything?" "Ya I guess". "But first we are cleaning up your arm then we will explain." I said. She looked down at her arm. She looked shocked there was a lot of blood so we went right inside . As soon as we got in everyone stared at us two. " guys I will explain in a minute or two but hang on a minute." They looked down at Ariana's arm at looked back at us with a shocked/confused face. I grabbed Ariana's am the one that's not cut and brought her into the bathroom. I lifted her up and set her on the counter. I put her arm out and got a towel and put soap and water on it. Then I put it on her arm. She winced a little bit and tried to pull her arm away. "Ariana stop just let me clean it," I said. She looked at me and gave her arm back to me. I dried off her arm and then hugged her. "Why thirteen," I asked. "It's my favorite number,"she whispered."are you ready to go explain everything with me?" I asked. "Yea," she said.

Ariana's POV

I can't believe Harry flipping Styles just saw me cut myself and told me I was beautiful then take me to his house. He brought me to the bathroom and lifted me up and put me on the counter. He is really strong he just picked me up so easily like I was a feather. He put water and soap on a towel. Great I hate having getting cuts and scratches cleaned out. When he put it on my arm I winced in pain and tried to pull my arm away from him. He was too strong so I didn't get out of his grip but I still tried to like a little kid. Then he said " Ariana stop just let me clean it," I looked at him in the eyes and let him finish. He gave me a hug and asked me "why thirteen?" "It's my favorite number I said." " are u ready to go explain with me?" Harry asked. "Yea I said. I was really scared what they would say.

Harry's POV

I was actually scared at what the boys would say. I lifted her off the counter. She is very light . "You are so strong," she said. I just smiled and we walked out. When we got out there everybody stopped talking and stared at us. Just as louis was about to sat something I said I am going to explain everything save questions to the end. Then I started "this is Ariana I saw her at the park running to a tree she sat down and took out a blade and I saw her cut herself once then as I was running towards her she quickly cut 12 more times so she would have 13 I told her why I cared I said to her I think she is the most beautiful girl ever so I brought her back here to clean her arm." Then Zayn raised his hand and said " why did she cut herself " she gets bullied everyday by 2 people at her school and he adopted brother and sister. Her brother josh tries to stick up for her." I said. Niall raised his hand then said " can we see her arm?" I turned to look at her to see if it was ok she nodded and walked towards Niall and turned her arm around. Niall gasped and looked at her and gave her a hug she blushed and Niall asked " your a directioner?" She nodded her head and blushed. "Are you gonna talk?" Asked Liam . "Umm hi I guess" Ariana said. "Hi!" Louis screamed. We all laughed. What time is it?" Ariana asked . 2:30 Liam said " I should probably go so I will be home before josh gets home." Ariana said. Then she turned for the door but I grabbed her. Please stay I begged her. "Josh will call the police if I'm not home" Ariana said. Then I'll come with you so we can hang out. I said. Ok let's go. Ariana said "wait!" Screamed Zayn we turned around group hug? He asked we all hugged then left.
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