Trying to stay strong

Ariana is a 17 year old girl that gets bullied all the time at school. She has an older brother josh, who sticks up for all the time but she also has a adopted brother and sister who are twins that are just like bullies. Her parents are divorced but she lives with her dad and brothers and sister. On one normal day of school being bullied not talking to anyone and sitting alone at lunch she just couldn't take it so she ran and ran but then she ran into someone she never expected. This is my first movella so I don't know if its good or not so please comment!


2. Chapter one

Ariana's POV

I woke up to my alarm at 6:35. Great another day of bullying. I got up took a shower and got dressed into black skinny jeans and a shirt that said "dance" in different colors with a neon tank top under it. Then I dried my hair and parted it to the side. I grabbed my sweatshirt and book bag and went downstairs. I saw my brother Josh making me breakfast. God, I love my brother I thought. I smiled set my stuff down and went back upstairs realizing I forgot my makeup. I ran upstairs and saw my brother and sister staring at me. I decided to walk past them. But Alice stopped me. Then Jacob punched me in the face really hard. I fell to the floor. They were just laughing at me . I got up and ran away from them into my room I put on blue sparkly eyeliner and mascara and ran downstairs. Josh turned around and looked at me shocked. "What?" I said. "Your face, what happened?" Josh said. "Jacob decided to punch me for no reason" I said. " oh my god why is he so mean to you?" Josh asked. " I don't know." I said. I ate then I left to walk to school.

Josh's POV

I will never understand why Jacob and Alice are so mean to Ariana. She never does anything to them. I thought my little sister was beautiful. But nobody else thinks so. I don't like anybody to be mean to my sister . I don't even consider Jacob and Alice mine or Ariana's brother and sister.i looked the clock. Crap! I yelled I'm gonna be late . I got in my car and drove to school. On my way there i saw Ariana standing with two bullies by her I pulled over got out and ran over. "What do you think your doing? " I asked them loudly to get their attention. They looked over at me and backed away from Ari. I call her that by the way. I am very popular at school so they back right away. "Don't touch my little sister again." I said loudly the I grabbed Ari's hand and we got in the car." Are you hurt ? I asked her " I'm fine she said quietly then we were off to school.
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