At One With The Supernatural

Grace Winchester has never really had a stable place to stay. Always moving around, always on the run. Why? Her family were hunters. They didn't hunt deer or geese like normal people. Her family has always hunted demons, vampires, ghosts. Things of the Supernatural. Grace must help her brothers fight the monsters.


1. The Road So Far

"Come on, Grace, how long does it take to get ready for you? We're just scoping out!" Sam shouted at me from the other room.

"I'm a girl, Sam, do the math." I scoffed. He groaned and I could practically hear him pacing through the living room of the motel. I chuckled softly to myself, pulling my hair up into a tight ponytail.

"Grace." I heard Dean say in a tone that made me jump. He was never a morning person, therefore he was never really strict in the morning. I ran out to the other room, throwing a piece of gum in my mouth and grabbing my bag, running out to the Impala towards shotgun. 

"I don't think so, squirt." Sam teased, walking towards the front. 

"I was here first." I teased back. 

"I'm older." He said.

"So?" I said, raising an eyebrow and crossing my arms. I saw no point in this petty argument. I guess, either way, it's fun, even though if I know there's a slim chance I'll get the seat. 

"So, therefore, you have to listen to me and I say I always get shotgun." He said, his voice in a mocking tone by the end of the sentence.

"Just get into the damn car." Dean said, hitting the top of the Impala to get our attention. He, then, proceeded to make sure the car was alright, rubbing the top. I rolled my eyes. "Just marry it already." I said, getting into the front seat. Sam groaned, sitting in the back. I looked over at him.

"Think of it this way. You have more room so sleep if you need to and it is more comfortable." I winked, turning and facing the road ahead. Dean put in his usual tapes, listening to hairbands from the 1980s, an era I was unfortunate to miss. It seemed like a riot with the way Dean sang to the songs and got lost in the music. I laughed softly as Def Leppard blared out of the speakers. 

"All you're missing is some nice, long, unattended hair." I smirked, watching him. He turned for a moment and glared at me. I shrugged, laughing to myself.

"You know the rule, Gracie. driver picks the music, sho--" I cut him off, finishing his sentence for him.

"Shotgun shuts his cake hole. I got it, Dean." I grinned. He rolled his eyes and looked back at the road, driving along the road towards our newest case. I wondered what we'd be fighting this time. All I knew is the worst they had to fear was getting their ass kicked by the Winchesters. I make it sound haughty, but at this moment, that was the point. Sure, what if another hunter comes along? Right now, our main focus is getting rid of whatever's pissing with the living this time. I make it sound like some TV commercial or something.

I am Grace Winchester and I am a Hunter.

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