At One With The Supernatural

Grace Winchester has never really had a stable place to stay. Always moving around, always on the run. Why? Her family were hunters. They didn't hunt deer or geese like normal people. Her family has always hunted demons, vampires, ghosts. Things of the Supernatural. Grace must help her brothers fight the monsters.


3. Nice of You to Pop In

Dean and I sat in the front seat, talking about anything and everything as Sam did everything he could in his books to find out what was up with this demon in the town. 

"Well. hello, hello." I heard a voice say. It had a slightly English accent to it. I shrieked and whipped around to the back, the Impala swerving to the shoulder. 

"Who the hell are you?" I snapped, pulling out my knife. 

"Oh, no need for the hostility." The demon said. 

"No need for hostility? You popped into the freaking car!" Dean said. 

"Who the hell are you?" Sam said, trying to get as far away from the demon as he could, despite him just sitting there, looking at us all. 

"My name is Crowley." He said, flashing his eyes a bright red. 

"Ooh, pretty colors." I said, rolling my eyes. The demon narrowed his now brown eyes at me. 

"Don't sass me." He snapped. I held my hands up in mock defense. 

"We've got ourselves a bad ass over here, guys." I said, smirking. Dean and Sam looked at me, basically telling me to shut up. I leaned back in my seat, gripping my knife in my hand, just in case the demon tried anything. 

"So, what are you doing here?" Sam asked, his blue eyes soft, yet fierce at the same time. I wish I had that kind of charm....never mind, that's weird. 

"I've come to make a deal with you Winchesters." He said.

"You lost me at deal." I snapped, raising my knife, but Dean put his hand on my arm, gently pushing it down. 

"Why can't I just stab the bastard?" I asked him." 
"He might be onto something." He said. I raised my eyebrow.

"Really, Dean?" I said. A demon? Onto something other than screwing with people? Funny. 

"Look at him, Grace." He said, raising an eyebrow. I looked at him, narrowing my eyes as if I was focusing.

"I see meat suit. I see worthless. I see douche bag. Ooh! Hey! Nothing but a deal making, soul stealing good-for-nothing demon with bright red eyes. Yep, he's onto something." I said, rolling my eyes and crossing my arms. 

"Don't ask me to see an upside in any demon. I won't. You shouldn't either." I said. He looked at me for a moment and I raised my eyebrow. I wasn't settling for it. Dean shook his head as if he was clearing it. 

"Good point, Gracie." He said. 

"Don't I always have one?" I asked, looking at him. He just ignored me, turning back to Crowley. 

"I could use your help." Crowley told us.

"No, we won't let you use us as your meat suit collection." I snapped.

"Pushy. Let me finish, will ya?" He said, taking a deep breath before starting again.

"Demons are trying to break Lucifer free." He said, cutting to the chase.

"So, they want Daddy walking around? How would they do that? Isn't he like damned eternally or something?" Dean asked. 

"There's 66 Seals to be broken and they're the key to opening his cage. I want you to stop it." He said.

"Okay, where do we come into this? And how do we know you're not just pissing with us." I said. 

"Think about it this way. Lucifer rises, he walks around and where does that leave demons like me? We're his servants, you could say. I'd rather not have that." He said. I pursed my lips. Here's the question.

Do we listen to him or not? 

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