Three Little Words I've Always Been Dying To Tell You


1. One


I knocked on the door.

Louis Tomlinson's door that is.

I bit my lip, hearing the moaning coming from inside, and the bed creaking slowly.  

"Louis?" I said in a tiny voice. He didn't hear. They didn't hear. Something was going on in there...and I knew exactly what. I slowly turned the knob. It was unlocked. what lay in front of my eyes didn't surprise me a bit. It was Louis. And Eleanor Calder. In the bed. Together.  

"Oh my god!" I pretended to sound sorry and surprised. Opposite of what I was really feeling. "I'm so sorry!"  

Eleanor screamed and pulled the covers over her head and Louis just stared at me with a blank face. I rolled my eyes. Clearly annoyed.   

"I'll go...." I trailed off as I shut the door softly.  

Eleanor was with him again. Louis and I had an "open relationship"...but it wasn't exactly "open". The point is, he was dating 2 girls at the same time. Me and Eleanor.   

We had been dating for 5 months or so, and Eleanor knows it. But guess what? She's too nice to care. If Louis is happy, then she's happy. But that's not like that for me. I want Louis. It doesn't matter if I already "have" him. I like want to have him have him. In a smooth relationship with no bumps. Just me and Louis. No one else. That's not gonna happen any day soon.  

I don't hate Eleanor. She's to nice and beautiful and sweet to hate. She just...annoys me. She's just the annoying type...I guess. At least to me.   

I wasn't jealous of what Eleanor and Louis had. Because if I tried hard enough, I could have that with him, too. Hell, I probably already did.    

And about what I had seen a couple minutes ago...Louis naked, fresh body. She saw that at least 2 times a month. And me? I saw it almost everyday. Why? Because Louis was comfortable with his body around everyone and everything.  

So, i'll let this one slide. And I'll make up for it another day. We've done it before. A lot actually, now that I think about it. And Louis obviously liked me a lot. So, why did he need Eleanor?  I would have to find that out later. When I pop the "is it me or Eleanor?" question.   

I was standing on the pathway leading up to his apartment. Not realizing that I was day dreaming. More like night dreaming.  

"Kat!" I whipped my head around.  Louis. He was wearing his red skinny jeans. No top. His skin looked so smooth in the moonlight. I almost had to stop myself from touching it.  

"Yeah...?" I shouldn't be mad. I can't. Besides, I was the one who agreed to this "open relationship".   

He grabbed my shoulders, making them tingle like crazy. 

"Sorry you had to see that."  

"Yeah...whatever." I looked away.  

"Hey, c'mon, love. I'll make it up to you next time." He winked. I smiled. But then I saw Eleanor leaning on the door with a super short robe on. She looked like a proud mum watching her son and his girlfriend. Blech.   

I didn't let that get to me. At least I hope not.   Louis gently kissed my forehead and pushed me into his chest and held me there. I felt something hard against my jeans.    

He blushed. "Sorry, again... about this." He pointed down at the bulge.

"Yeah...ha ha ha ha." I laughed and looked over at Eleanor. She wasn't mad. She wasn't sad. She was happy as crap. Like she won the lottery or some kind of shit.  

"You don't want to finish what was going on with El?" I asked keeping my eyes on Eleanor.  

"Yeah...but... only if you don't mind, babe." He shrugged.  

"Uh...go ahead. But my night!" I smiled at Louis.  

"Of course! Goodnight." He laughed, kissed my lips lightly and jogging up to Eleanor. I watched them.   Louis grabbed her by the waste and playfully pushed her inside, she squealed, over delighted. Ugh, annoying.   

I crossed the street. I took out my phone and quickly texted Louis.   

lou <33 txt/call me after ur done!

I realized that I would not get a text from him until the next morning. They could pull an all nighter.  Disgusting.   

I'll have to deal with it.  

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